Roleplay Post Challenge: Interaction with an Animal

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  1. HELLO! :)


    Last week Iwaku launched the first of a new series of challenges for the role-players of our little community here. The idea is to integrate whatever the challenge is into a role-play post of your choosing and to link it back here for reputation points, and to show off your mad writing skills!

    Last week's challenge was a simple vocabulary one: utilize four words in the correct context somewhere in your post! Not a lot of responses, but I'm hopeful that we'll get more responses in the future. Last week was only the first one!

    This week's challenge:

    Interact with an animal. In a role-play of your choice, have your character engage with an animal of some kind. A pet comes seeking attention, a wild boar attacks your character in the forest, a bird lands on your out-stretched hand, chirps a song, and flies away.

    This will be a no consequence post! The idea is to simply have an animal make an appearance with your character somehow.

    EDIT: Remember to link back to this thread with the post or the RP in which you decided to take part in the Role-play Challenge!
  2. okay so im a walking through a forest in the middle of the night and i hear a noise and the noise is a very unpleasent noise then the noise dies down and then a then a squirrel comes along and the squirrel is seekign attention and before you know it a WILD boar comes out and ATTACKS the poor red tailed squirrel and then a bird in the sky swoops down and lands on my country hand and starts singing HOME ONE THE RANGE at the top of its birdy lungs and then randomly flys away......
  3. That's a nice effort, but doesn't follow the rules of the challenge!

    For this particular challenge, you have to slip in the topic (In this case, interacting with an animal) in one of your roleplay posts IN an active roleplay that is somewhere on Iwaku. (And do it in a way that makes sense for your roleplay. That's why this challenge is a hard one!) Then give a link to the post here in the thread.
  4. Haha! I have a post with an animal which is still fresh! I have to admit that the last part, about how he solved the situation, is a bit weird and possibly impossibly but well, he is a magical guy! And for the sake of roleplay, just pretend that it is alright ;D Anyway, this is the post.
  5. I think I could ever so casually do this challenge after my brother has replied to our rp. Is there a set time limit for these challenges?
  6. There is no time limits!
  7. Sweet, thank you.
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