PROMPT Roleplay Post Challenge: Eyes

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    This challenge is all about incorporating the suggested element in to an actual roleplay you are participating in!

    If the suggestion is "tears" in one of your roleplays, you would somehow involve tears in a single post. Whether it's crying, noticing someone else crying. Seeing a teardrop on a picture. Etc.

    The purpose of this is to help challenge and exercise your creative skills in adding little details to posts!


    REMEMBER: You must use this in IN A LIVE ROLEPLAY somewhere on Iwaku, and then link to your post here in this thread!


    This was easy for me. I love describing the eyes of my characters. :3

    "In that split second that Madam took to release the illegal cat from it's cage her own prey escaped her grasp. She gasped and darted after him with out second thought. She shoved her energy pistol back into it's holster as she ran. As much as she wanted to open fire upon the guards they were not worth the effort. However the rat scrambling away from her was very much worth it. She ducked and dodged the gun fire that lit up around her. Her normally silent boots slamming the metal ground as she ran after Altair.

    She caught a glimpse of him slide into an alley way she never knew existed. Good to know this is here... She thought as she put a mental note in her mind of it's location. Wires brushed against her suit and wisps of steam fogged her goggles on the out side. Quickly she pulled the goggles up so that she could still see. Pale fair skin surrounded her emerald green almond shaped eyes. Her eyes narrowing in determination as she caught mere glimpses of where Altair was headed.

    She was aware that her ship was too far away from this dock. Which meant she absolutely could not allow him to get on a ship with out her. The com link in her ear came alive with one of her men alerting her. "Madam, it appears as you have sufficiently ruffled some feathers. The guards are now demanding we leave dock." Damn. Now there was a damper on the situation. "Copy that. Do as they say. I'll rendezvous with you later. Madam out." She said into the com. "Roger that Madam." The man on the link replied.

    She slipped out to another dock, naturally the one her ship was not docked in. Her plan suddenly changed. She knew she could take on the trading post, with determination and ferocity. But that wasn't necessary nor was it relevant to her greater plan. She needed another ship. The bounty hunter's ship would do just fine. Goggles still on her forehead she darted after him, her green eyes narrowing as she pulled a dagger from her belt."
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  4. Can't link it cause it's in a PM 1x1, but here!

    Things...hadn't gone well. Though she had run swiftly and concealed her wings and tail, it was painfully obvious she was not what they were. The soldiers had her surrounded within minutes, and it was clear they were not backing down.

    Zariah was readying herself to fight her way out when a voice carried to her. Those brown orbs flicked up...and landed on the prince. Almost instantly her innocent looking doe eyes went hard and cold, and only grew harder with his words. She stood still and silent, her eyes locked on him as he paced around her in an almost predatory manner.

    He was going to make an example of her? Hot anger burned in her chest and her hands balled into fists as she glared him down from where she stood. She dropped the bag she was holding, and food rolled out onto the muddy ground. Her fingers flicked and her wrist twisted, and her naginata was soon gripped expertly in white-knuckled hands.

    "If I best you, you die." She lifted her chin, scraggly, short red hair framing her face. "You die as you killed my family and my nation." Her lips curled up into a snarl, revealing sharp fangs. "I am Zariah Thyrule, fourth in line for the kingdom of Syrinn. I will best you, monster. And if I do not, death will be a release."

    Before Zariah even finished her sentence, she was lunging forward. Black wings and a spined tail erupted from her back, and the last words ended in a guttural scream. Rage flowed through her and fire erupted from her hands, coating the blade of her weapon in a hellish dance of orange flames and metal. She swung it toward him, aiming for his gut with the wickedly curved blade.

    She should fly. Escape. Run away, save those who she could.

    However, the pain thus far had been too much, and the chance for vengeance too great. And if he killed her, at least she wouldn't need to live with the guilt anymore. If she killed him, on the other hand...they would all know to fear the dragoness who had bested their prince in battle.
  5. Lorelle grinned at Talion as he revealed his face and hair. "I could almost claim you as a brother," she grinned pointing to her hair. "Well met fellow traveler." Her green eyes sparkled as she moved ahead and took her place in the line.

    She was not as uncaring of who the sword had chosen as it may appear to Talion. She was at first very concerned about their being able to trust him, since he would be considered one of the Seven now, a group of men whose reputation and exploits were very well known in the kingdom not to mention were irrevocably connected to the legacy of her father. As the eldest daughter she had been groomed in all things pertaining to ruling the kingdom, from the least to the greatest and her father had been very clear about the importance of a name free of scandal and deceit. She was more than grateful for the good name that had been passed down to her, and she was trying to re-establish it now in the wake of Nikolais's treachery and cruelty. Still Talion had proven himself to be an able fighter and a selfless one, so her fears were slowly being assuaged, and with them would come that trust and sharing he might or might not be looking for from her at least.

    Jarek was indeed feeling the loss of his best friend, especially at times like these, when they stopped to eat. It was at these times that they would pick at one another good naturedly to pass the time and relieve stress. Their rivalry had begun almost from the moment they'd met, but there seemed to now be a huge gaping hole in him at the loss of his dear friend.

    Reiken hadn't expected to miss their banter as it had more often than not annoyed him to distraction, but seeing Jarek so sullen and the almost deafening quiet as they ate seemed to be nearly unbearable. "I quite agree Talion," he said to slice into that silence, "And I have come to trust Lorelle's visions as well. It is the logical place for them to hide, since the forest grows denser as we travel south as well. They should not be far now.."

    Lorelle nodded, "Agreed. Let us hope that we find them before darkness falls."

    They gathered up their things and were back atop their mounts and following along the stream for the next hour. Suddenly they were surrounded by men hanging from the trees with many arrows aimed at them. Lorelle's cloak was up over her hair as the chill had taken her, so luckily they could not see her. A large burly man dropped in front of Reiken and gave him a rough look, "State yer name and business in the south forest."

    Reiken dipped his head diplomatically, "I am Reiken of Lingerloft and I seek Theron, leader of the Rebel army."

    "Is that so? Mebbe ye've found 'im."

    "I think not. I know somewhat of his look. He is a bit taller and fairer of hair. But nice try." Reiken curled the edge of his lips, "And I believe he would recognize my name as well."

    "Pft." A second man dropped down and whispered into the first man's ear. The shock on the man's face was evident but only for a moment. "Follow us."

    They traveled with the group being watched closely and always surrounded. Lorelle had to admire their organization and tactics. Her confidence in the Rebel leader rose a bit with each passing moment. these people were loyal and dedicated. Such things did not happen by accident, but were earned.

    The sky started to darken as they traveled, signalling a coming storm, but they kept moving. They approached a large encampment, full of men, women and even children. These were her people and they were forced from their homes and into hiding. Her heart broke seeing them. Among them in the center of the group stood a tall man, not as tall as Jarek but taller than most. His honey gold hair hung down to his shoulders and he was graced with chiseled features and honed strong muscles. Seeing his men return with strangers on horseback he frowned and made his way toward them. The second man ran up to him and spoke softly and then retreated.

    Theron looked up at the group, "Reiken of Lingerloft. Knight of the Seven. We had thought the Seven and the Queen had left us to fend for ourselves. We have done just fine without your help, and we are in no need of it now."

    "We had much work to do, keeping the Queen and the princesses safe, and to retake Bracken into the hands of the rightful king. It was not our intention to leave you without hope or protection."

    "And yes as your own words convey, we were not as important as Bracken, and the Queen, if she lives, has no care for her people nor the good name of her father."

    Jarek was off his steed and about to thump the man when Lorelle's hand shot out. "No, let him speak."

    Theron's eyes were immediately fixed on the second rider.

    Lorelle gracefully alit off the horse and approached the man who spoke with such vehemence against her. She had expected as much, but hearing it stabbed at her in a way she had not been prepared for at all. There was no mistaking her regal bearing or gait, and when she pushed back the hood of her cloak a gasp spread through the crowd and people began to fall to their knees. She looked around at the people and spoke in a clear and commanding voice, "Please..please rise. I should be bowing to all of you. You have my thanks, gratitude and humble servanthood for the loyalty you have all shown to my father and this kingdom. I do not deserve your fealty, but I am hopeful that i can earn it back on my own right."

    Reiken stood next to her, "I assume you recognize Lorelle of Azimuth, rightful Queen and heir to the throne."

    Theron nodded, "I do indeed. I admit I did not believe you survived, in fact I had hoped that was the reason you had not returned. But now I am forced to believe you simply did not care for your people enough to come back and fight for us." There was venom in every word and a hard steel in his blue eyes that clearly conveyed his thoughts about the young Queen that stood before him.

    Again Jarek stepped forward but Lorelle stopped him, "No, he has a right to speak his mind. He has earned it as he has the loyalty and dedication of these people." She forced herself to look up at him and face the fear she had been fighting this entire journey, "I have come to ask for your help in defeating Nikolai. The Seven are scattered and the task cannot be accomplished with four people. If you cannot do so for my sake, then I will beg you to do so for the sake of my father who served this land with honor and dignity and for the sake of my mother who's blood must be required at the hands of her murderer." She stood silent then and waited.

    Theron watched her and he could see the pride, the hurt, the passion and the humility such a request required. His own feelings of betrayal and distrust were cast aside as he turned to the people, "I will defer to you. What say you?"

    There was murmuring among the crowd, some shouting, some arguing and even a few fistfights, but eventually that second man stepped forward. "I have hoped for this day," he said standing before Lorelle, "You were always kind and fair much like your father. You are our only hope of being free from this tyrant. We will fight for you."

    Lorelle reached out and took his hands in both of hers, "My thanks Benjamin Vicker." She said and then looked at everyone else, "I will prove worthy of this trust. Thank you all."

    Theron furrowed his brow when she addressed Ben by name. Did she know them all? Did she remember him?

    From Azimuth Reborn - 1x1 with Iwazuma
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  6. OPEN SIGNUPS - Perchance to Dream

    When the announcement came on, Uma had been in the one-person bathroom in the clinic, one of the few perks of working as a medic in the Warehouse. There wasn't the need to take a piss with another fifteen people to your right and left, even if the door was made of cardboard and the walls out of tissue paper. Uma held the sides of the sink before her with blanched knuckles, her eyes locked on the drain below. She glanced up into the mirror and hated what she saw.

    Her eyes - bloodshot. it was a bad, bad sign, to have red eyes like this. Because the only people who got them needed the sleep. She had coached other Narcs to wear sunglasses if possible when the dreaded red filamentous veins began to show, but within the clinic, hiding her eyes would be suspicious. Instead, she just had to make something up, for why her eyes were so irritated.

    And god, she was exhausted. After her stint at the Colosseum, she had sat down at her apartment for the five hours of life she was afforded before her shift at the Warehouse, and for whatever reason, she just couldn't get comfortable. Something's wrong. Adderall must be screwing with me, hard. She had changed meds, especially after what happened at the Colosseum with Finn, worried that perhaps her medicated mix might be off. Now, however, she felt as if a truck had run over her, then backed up again when it realized it hadn't done the job.

    She was awake, but exhausted. Not a good mix.

    The announcement was like a bucket of ice water over the head. They've never done this... they've never called everybody off their shift. What the hell is going on?... Uma, correlation ain't causation, it probably has nothing to do with you. But the thought still punched her in the back of the head. She and Finn had seen something they weren't supposed to see. Her younger Narcs were seeing things they weren't supposed to see. Something was happening - and she didn't believe in coincidences.

    The minute she knocked on the door, a DP opened it, and she was careful to keep her expression neutral. Rarely was Uma rattled - but she had about fourteen months' worth of Narc paraphernalia in her bag, and it would be just her luck that the black-faced goons would start asking questions now. She took an available seat.

    To her surprise, Benoit actually made an appearance, and her stomach continued to wriggle like a fish on a deck. They were fixing the Patch... Well, fat lot of good that would do. Her Narcs had gone to fix their patches multiple times before turning to her, and nothing ever seemed to do the trick for them. Sometimes amphetamines and a little coke were all that would make a dent in the deprivation and make life livable for a little while. She swallowed as he mentioned talking to the authorities about others with problems on their Patch, and another flutter of unease stole through her.

    Her phone buzzed, in chorus with the others in the room. She glanced around at the occupants of the room as she checked her own. Don't have to tell me twice, buddy... whoever you are.

    She lingered in the room rather than get up to leave, hoping that would help dispel any suspicion that she was desperate to leave.
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