EXERCISE Roleplay Post Challenge: Eyes

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    This challenge is all about incorporating the suggested element in to an actual roleplay you are participating in!

    If the suggestion is "tears" in one of your roleplays, you would somehow involve tears in a single post. Whether it's crying, noticing someone else crying. Seeing a teardrop on a picture. Etc.

    The purpose of this is to help challenge and exercise your creative skills in adding little details to posts!


    REMEMBER: You must use this in IN A LIVE ROLEPLAY somewhere on Iwaku, and then link to your post here in this thread!

  2. http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/my-loves-like-a-revolver.29831/

    This was easy for me. I love describing the eyes of my characters. :3

    "In that split second that Madam took to release the illegal cat from it's cage her own prey escaped her grasp. She gasped and darted after him with out second thought. She shoved her energy pistol back into it's holster as she ran. As much as she wanted to open fire upon the guards they were not worth the effort. However the rat scrambling away from her was very much worth it. She ducked and dodged the gun fire that lit up around her. Her normally silent boots slamming the metal ground as she ran after Altair.

    She caught a glimpse of him slide into an alley way she never knew existed. Good to know this is here... She thought as she put a mental note in her mind of it's location. Wires brushed against her suit and wisps of steam fogged her goggles on the out side. Quickly she pulled the goggles up so that she could still see. Pale fair skin surrounded her emerald green almond shaped eyes. Her eyes narrowing in determination as she caught mere glimpses of where Altair was headed.

    She was aware that her ship was too far away from this dock. Which meant she absolutely could not allow him to get on a ship with out her. The com link in her ear came alive with one of her men alerting her. "Madam, it appears as you have sufficiently ruffled some feathers. The guards are now demanding we leave dock." Damn. Now there was a damper on the situation. "Copy that. Do as they say. I'll rendezvous with you later. Madam out." She said into the com. "Roger that Madam." The man on the link replied.

    She slipped out to another dock, naturally the one her ship was not docked in. Her plan suddenly changed. She knew she could take on the trading post, with determination and ferocity. But that wasn't necessary nor was it relevant to her greater plan. She needed another ship. The bounty hunter's ship would do just fine. Goggles still on her forehead she darted after him, her green eyes narrowing as she pulled a dagger from her belt."
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