PROMPT Roleplay Post Challenge: Cats

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    This challenge is all about incorporating the suggested element in to an actual roleplay you are participating in!

    If the suggestion is "tears" in one of your roleplays, you would somehow involve tears in a single post. Whether it's crying, noticing someone else crying. Seeing a teardrop on a picture. Etc.

    The purpose of this is to help challenge and exercise your creative skills in adding little details to posts!


    Use this in a roleplay post somewhere on Iwaku, and then link to your post here in this thread!​
  2. Is it cheating if the roleplay has a cat as a main character?
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  3. No. 8D As long as it is a roleplay post and involves Cats!
  4. You are in a room. It is a large, white room, with only a few basic items, a table, a chair, a couch, a rug. All pure whit, like the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the overhead lights illuminating the room. In the large, plush reclining chair is a cat. A single cat. Small, well aged, and black as the night which has not been permitted to enter the room. You walk up to it and stare deep into it's deep, emerald green eyes. Slowly, you watch, paralyzed as fire begins to well up in the cat's irises, turning them a blazing orange, moving and swirling like a flame. Suddenly you are thrust forward, and find yourself in a wasteland. You are on a forgotten highway, outside a large city. Smashed and abandoned cars line the road, large craters make travel difficult. In the distance, the city looms, all but destroyed, a testament to the barren desert surrounding it. You travel down the a side road towards what looks like a temple. Dark figures can be seen darting among the wreckage, but you continue. When you get to the temple you see a throne of bones and twisted steel. As you approach the hellish seat, the figures appear from behind the columns upholding the roof. They crawl out as you take a seat on the evil throne, staring at you with malicious looks and no eyes. They attack you, attempting to shred your body.

    You hear a meow, and find yourself back in the white room, staring at the emerald green eyes of the black cat. He wrestles out of your grip and you relax into the comfy white recliner. You relax and stare at the blank white wall as you realize, you caught a glimpse of Hell.
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  5. Now, wonderful effort! But the rules are that you have to do it in a real in-game roleplay post! >:]
  6. I did, but like a D&D game, Dungeon Master's point of view. I could do another as an actual character if you prefer.
  7. lols i just did that a fuw days ago in Rose and Hell fire i have my real cat there {her name is mama XD} she so bossy
  8. No, I mean... you have to do the challenge in a roleplay here in Iwaku! IN the roleplay! And post the link to the post here! That is the challenge!
  9. yes it is her on Iwakurolplay its in OnexOne Rose and Hellfire XD ok i will post the link tomorrow when i have a computer
  10. I think that was meant for me. And here is the actual post I did once.

    While Eli waits a cat walks up to him. It rubs it's face against his leg and purrs. It hops up into his lap, and looks at him, staring into his eyes with it's own, like rubies. Rubies, shimmering gems of red. Red, like fire, mesmerizing fire, dancing. Eli felt like he was falling, falling, falling...

    "Shimi! Stop that! Leave the guests alone!" The hostess yells at the cat, whose eyes return to normal and leaps away from Eli, hissing. "Sorry about that," the hostess apologizes, "Shimi can act a little strange sometimes around our guests."

    - from Hotel California by Thomas McTavish (me)​
  11. ohhhh ok