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Back on my other site and even on my tumblr account for around 9 years, I would create plots for people who are creating fantasy stories or even modern day stories, I also created short roleplays plot with certain themes using a custom generator that I had on that site, I'm willing to create a few ideas for you and even try it out to see if it works with your certain character. All you need to do is tell me bellow on what you want and what character you'd be hoping to use.
I'm not even sure if this is a legit shop or not.
I've got the concept down, but I'm having difficulty thinking of a first scenario for my RP. Right now it's in interest check mode, and should be ready to move forward, but I'm not sure about the plot to begin the game.

In this RP, you are a vampire, superhuman, undead creatures of the night. You gain immortality, greatly increased athletic ability and possibly the wisdom of living for millennia. However, you must consume life force to maintain your humanity, or risk becoming a mindless killing machine that attracts attention wherever you go.

Along with this, you are also a member of a House of the Apocalypse, determined by the vampire who turned you's House.

The Houses are...

The House of Conquest- The Tyrants, they wish to enslave all of Humanity under their control, to create the perfect vampiric utopia.

The House of Pestilence, The Plagued, wherever they go, disease follows.

The House of War- The Savages, they want to bring the world to complete anarchy, and live under a world of constant war, where you either kill, or be killed.

The House of Famine- The Gluttons, they are a selfish lot, only wanting to fulfill their own hunger, which only grows, the more they attempt to satiate.

The House of Death- The Liches, they only wish to bring death to all living things, and decay to anything that was ever known.

The House of Torment- The Sadists, they want to torture Humanity, and make the world a living Hell.