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  1. Hey! :D
    So I was wondering if anyone would like to Roleplay with me? If so, please either message me on this thread, PM me, or Write something on my profile! I'd really enjoy it. ^-^
    This is what is needed for the Roleplay.
    • Good Grammar​
    • Character Sheet​
    • Sexyness. (( Obviously ))​
    • Good plot​
    • Nice ideas​
    • And etc. ~​
    So, yeah. :D I truly hope people will join!. I have a few ideas, but I would like to get whoever joins to give me ideas also so we can add them both together!

    ~ I Hope You Enjoy
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  2. I would like to, if you'll have me!
  3. ;o Yeaah! Awesome! x'3 I'd love to have you!
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  4. Yaay! So, do you have any rps in mind?
  5. Nope! X'D
  6. neither do I! i suppose we could make it up as we go?
  7. Yup! XD So how are we going to do this? :3
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  8. hmm....I suppose make character sheets and see where it goes from there. ^^
  9. Oh crap! I didn't know you answered. Shit, I'm so so so sorry!. DX. Anyways, that seems fine ~ Where would you like to put the Character Sheets?
  10. It's ok. ^^
    Anyhow, how about we make those in a conversation and then make a thread for the rp?
  11. Alright cool! :D
    Yeah, sure. c: I'd make the thread, but right now I'm rushing because I have to get to school in like Ten minutes to I need to hurry out the door. xD
  12. I understand. ^^
  13. Hahah. Alright, well I can make it now. x'D Because I can't sleep so why not just keep myself busy eh?. Anyways, expect a PM in a few minutes ^0^
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