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  1. What is your preferred platform for roleplaying?

    Mine is AIM (Aol instant messanger) for instant or jump in roleplays.
    But the forums are my favorite for a well developed roleplay.
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  2. I like using the chatrooms or other instant-roleplaying methods! I am a quickfire roleplayer. O_O I can accomplish more with a scene and character development that way, and progress a plot along.

    But I do really like the time you can spend with atmosphere and overall worldbuilding when it comes to the slower forum roleplays.
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  3. Forum all the way. Some people may find it a little... snobbish, but I actually enjoy roleplaying because I love language and I enjoy coming up with new, creative phrases/vivid descriptions and chat style simply isn't compatible with that. At least for me; I guess I spend more time writing my posts than average because English isn't my first language.

    Also, I pretty much can't join any chat style roleplay because of timezone problems. People are happily asleep when I want to write :D
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  4. I don't do this anymore, But once upon a time, I Would write in a composition notebook and exchange it with two friends between classes The three of us did this All four years of High school Mostly through the Winters. That was My favorite and ultimate way to role play. We filled 46 notebook by graduation and our Writing Major Enthusiast was given them all to keep as a graduation gift from us. We felt she deserved them the most.
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  5. damm that sounds like fun! me and my ex gf used to do something like that but it was based off teenaged emotions and a mixture of poems and daily events.
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  6. It was one of the most committed Endeavors I took part in, I will admit. We completed three different Epic tales of Sci-fi, Horror, and filled 12 notbooks with our own short fables, much like Grimm's and Aesop.
  7. I used to do something like that with a friend of mine in junior high! It wasn't a long term thing because we did it during class and didn't want to get in trouble xD

    I prefer forums because of the time to talk when you can. I've never been too good with chatrp because of the spontaneous actions. Plus, I couldn't edit anything if I found an error Q_Q
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  8. Live action. Since my favorite LARP group fell apart around here (many members moved, and a few others lost interest), the first thing I'm going to do after I move is find a new group.
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  9. I'm an email girl, myself. But forum is my favorite when a group is required.
  10. Forum RP is the only kind I do. I've done Chat RP's in the past, and RP'ing over IM in my distant past.
  11. Honestly I'm quite new to roleplaying, but the most fun I've had is just in person while playing d&d. While some groups I've participated in have been much more mechanics and encounter based than roleplaying based, one of my groups this past semester in college was heavy in playing our characters more than mechanics (although they were present.) The four or five of us (depending who was DMing that night, we did two campaigns) would talk in character, doing our best to keep their voices different from ours. A friend of mine played a female character and he could portray her actions and words so well it inspired me to learn how to do that with D&D. He mentioned forum RP and honestly that's what led me to find iwaku, so I could try it out haha :P

    With the right group of people RPing in a game like D&D has been my favorite. Although I haven't exactly had much experience with other forms of it, yet! :P
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  12. I've done Chat RP, Forum RP, tabetop roleplaying, and IM roleplay.

    If I'm trying to build a deep story with little combat elements, I will say forum roleplay. If I'm incorporating something with heavy combat mechanics, I will use Pathfinder, but there are still roleplaying elements as well. Overall though, I will say forum roleplay is my favorite.
  13. I like using the threads; but I don't mind to post from Skype or something else mobile-friendly if it's something simple with small posts.
  14. PM and email used to be my platforms until I came to Iwaku. Forums were mine waaaay back when I first started out and I just managed to come back to Forum styled RP after... 10 years?
  15. PM for the longest time...Forum is something I'm exploring, especially since I'm use to mainly doing 1v1 RP's.
  16. I'm very new to forum roleplay, and in the one I've involved myself in so far I've really enjoyed it! I think I just managed to get lucky with my tabletop group at school, finding afew people who really enjoy the roleplaying aspect of the game more than mechanics and mindless dungeon delving :D
  17. I've roleplayed through skype once, but it was nothing for me. I couldn't stop myself from writing 5-10 lines even in a chat-rp and I was much slower with my replies than my partner (Especially since I had to spell check and look up words on an online dictionary before daring to post)

    I'm much more into forum roleplay, that way I can take all the time I need, I can write as much as my brain can come up with, and I can check after mistakes without my partner going 'Why is she writing on a two line post for 30 minutes? D:' xD
    I get incredibly stressed by chat-rps so I prefer the more relaxed forum version.
  18. I've never used any medium for RP besides forums, save for coop posts done on those document sites. I've never tried chat RP, but I suppose Iwaku's the best place to start.
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