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  1. Hello My Pretties!
    Hi. I been on this site for a day now, but I been role playing for years. My name is |~Rebel~Ninja~|, but please call me something like Rebel, Reb, or Ninja. I hope we can get to know each other and role play. I have some plot ideas, but I'm will to play yours, too. I play both male and females, but I prefer females. I do all pairings, but again I usually do MxF. They don't always have to do romance either, I like romance, but it doesn't have to be. Also, I will do some supernatural. Lastly, pm me if you would like to role play.

    Human x Cat*
    Human x Pet (open)
    This would be based off of the sims series, For the Strange. I would like to play the female human and their would be a male cat. Pm me for details.

    Farm Girl x Runaway Teen*
    Farm Girl x Runaway (open)
    A girl finds a runaway living in the woods by her farm. She hides them and has to keep them a secret from her family. Pm me for more details

    Teen x Older Person*

    Werewolf x Red Riding Hood*
    Werewolf x Red Riding Hood (open)
    This would be a modern take on little Red Riding Hood. Her Grandmother was mugged by theirs and was going to be killed, but a werewolf rescued her. Red was young and only remembers wolves watching her that day. Now she is older and they will meet, something like that. Pm me for more details.

    Angel x Demon*
    Angel x Angel*
    Demon x Demon

    I will post more, but pm me if any of these plots interest you or if you have your own plots. GOODBYE FOR NOW!!! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.