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  1. So I just coming back after being gone for several months. I have found the itch for a writing what I love over that I am forced to do for school.

    So first I have no idea if I am even posting in the right spot -_- but I would still like to try!

    I am a fairly literate person. I love to write longer responses that are filled with details. Not pages. But at least more than a paragraph or two. I play most females, I have never been good with males :/. I o have some ideas, but that doesn't mean you would like them.

    I am more into the whole fantasy thing. Or real world with fantasy spurts. I also love post-apocalyptic things. I do even have some characters that either I have used a bunch and have fully developed an know how to work wonders with them, Or some that I am curious to play. They are in my blog I do believe, unless they have moved... I have a bunch for others too, but haven't posted them...

    I just super need a partner... or like five to help me get back into it and my funk! If you are willing to help me get back into it, then I am more than willing to shoot around ideas with you so we can find something we would both enjoy and keep up with.

  2. this probably should be in 1x1 request hun
  3. Thanks. I was really confused by everything. It didn't look like this the last time I was on here. I will see about finding where to move it to.
  4. I have no idea how to move it.. or who to ask anymore...
  5. their is a thread moderation request at the bottom hun
  6. Yay! Anything specific you are yearning for?
  7. Maybe something with some good action and combat.
  8. I could get on that for sure. Want to pm me and we can figure things out ^.^
  9. Awesome :) do you have anything in mind?
  10. you can check out my search, if you want.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.