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  1. Hellloooo everyone! Greetings, salutations, and all that good stuff. I'm still brand new to this site but I promise you, my years of role playing go well over 5+ years. I'm on a search for long term partners who would be interested in role playing certain fandom so that will be listed after this. I prefer someone to be 18+ since I find roleplaying those more mature content with younger people kind of awkward.

    I do have some requirement for one on one role plays. I love details, dialogue, and text that is not one line. Two paragraphs minimum. I myself get carried away and tend to write a lot. Also if I am going out of my way to write good replies for your love interest please do the same for mine.

    Brainstorming ideas together is rather nice. I hate it when I am the only one suggesting ideas and have only one side of the Roleplay interesting while your side is dead. Please I want both of us to have fun. Action, drama, romance, fantasy, supernatural, please add to the plot!

    As for the fandoms I am DYING To Roleplay:

    Kingdom Hearts*****
    Hitman Reborn
    Hunter x Hunter *
    Yuyu Hakusho
    Pandora Hearts

    If you want to Roleplay an anime I haven't mentioned feel free to ask/request it. If I know it I might be willing to give it a shot.
  2. I have a few ideas, but you didn't mention any of the animes I enjoy watching.

    My Animes:
    Pokemon(I know geeky)
    Attack on titan
    Yugioh (Duel monsters, 5D's, Gx, even Zexal.)
    Dragon Ball Z kai

    I enjoy doing Yaoi and Yuri, warning you now. I'm really interested, so ya.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.