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Yes, i'm pretty new and I thought it might be a good idea to start 1 on 1 first, since that's what I've been used to for a while.

what to expect:
things might take a slow turn, plot will take time. (sometimes I don't mean to make it that way, sorry if it isn't very good.)
I'm usually free on the weekdays, though the weekends I'll be here and there, depending.
I have quick responses to 12 minute responses, usually because I'm doing something else. but i'm active!
I'm alright with mxm or mxf, but again, I usually take things really slow...
I do not like adult themes or actions.
I'm always open for suggestions if you find something you might want to change or add, as long as the whole plot isn't messed up.
Speaking of which...

That superkid:
A slice-of-life school based roleplay in which one of the students is isolated by choice. People think he is a 'superkid' because of his accurate memory, being a quick learner, 'seemingly' an expert at everything, etc. I suppose it's one of those roleplays that would require one person trying to break down a barrier of another person.(mxm, mxf, or friendship!)

One-time tour:
Another slice-of-life, one character taking a tour trip in another country/city/tourist attraction and meeting someone they like, realizing that the both would have little time to meet eachother. (friendship)

air discovery:
Fantasy, two characters who have to spend 10 hours next to eachother on a plane to a destination. the two can be very annoyed with eachother, good with eachother, or not caring at all. Both get up for different reasons, and they stumble upon a secret compartment that leads to a busy land of work development and buildings. They get lost and need to find a way back to the plane.

If you want to roleplay any of these with me, PM. Thanks for reading!
Not open for further replies.