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  1. Hiiii i'm looking for a roleplay partner :) I usually do romance but i'm up for really whatever!! :) Tell me if you're interested, i'd love to work with anyone :)))
  2. I'm definitely interested.
  3. We can do a RP with more then just romance added in.
  4. Awesome! Do you want to do fem slash or ??? What would you want the plot to be?
  5. Well I was thinking more like medieval times they can be two guards that fall for each other or the town is attacked and they are just farmers or they can be like bandits or something.
  6. Awesome! Who would you like to be? Boy or girl?
  7. I usually prefer to play as a male.
  8. okay that's good, i usually play female :)
  9. Ok you want to play in Pm or a thread?
  10. It doesn't matter, what ever you'd like
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.