Roleplay Partner Needed

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  1. Hello there! I'm SwiftWaterDraws.

    Made obvious by the title, I'm looking for a roleplay partner. I'd prefer to rp cats, dragons, or wolves, but I will also settle for other animals, such as: Foxes, dogs, etc.
    I, however, do not rp humans :P
    I am only (Almost) fourteen so, if you are interested, remember that I don't want any mature themes or posts. I am pretty open to plots since I have no ideas yet.


    No mature themes
    Please post at least once or twice a week
    If you know you will be unable to post for a while, give notice
    Please write at least one reasonable-sized paragraph

    Errr.......That's about it.......

    Post if you are interested!
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  2. I'll be your partner! If I may, of course.
  3. Sure!
    But, just to be clear, it says on your resume that you don't like roleplaying furries. You are aware that I intend for this rp to be centered on animals, right? ^_^
  4. Oh, I don't remember adding that to my dislikes. I probably meant things such as yiff. Because I don't mind furries as long as it isn't intimate.
  5. Ah, okay-dokey! I'm going to have to leave in about 12 minutes, but, until then, what kind of animal will this rp center on?
  6. I, myself adore cats. But I'll leave that decision to you. The only thing I wouldn't be able to do is a dog.
  7. That is perfect! Cats are by far my favorite thing to roleplay. Is there anything else we should make known before I start the thread for the rp?
  8. Is there a plot of any kind? What time period will it take place in? Rules? Guidelines for characters? Basics like that.
  9. I thought we would cover that in PM. that is what my sisters said. :P I apologize for that, I just joined yesterday.
    So, Err.. First of all, what setting? I have no idea for a plot yet....
  10. It is a better idea to discuss it in PM. I'll start a conversation if you want. But I'm going to bed for now, I've to get up early. I'll be online off and on until 4:00 tomorrow give or take.
  11. Ok, I had to go pretty soon either way. I'll probably just be online randomly all day :P
    Thank you and I'll be awaiting your email if you want to start the conversation.