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  1. I was board and like 'what the Heck' so here I am. I would prefer that you are advanced, but I'm not picky. I don't care what is in the roleplay, just as long as it isn't past my limits(I will warn you if it's getting close).

    Here are my favorites:

    Male character traits:
    Sweet, caring, shy, adorable, child-like, hyperactive, funny, and a bit crazy.

    Female Character traits:
    Cold-hearted, brave,kind,shy, hyperactive, child-like, crazy, sadistic, and bloodthirsty.

    Sky-high, spirit stallion of the cimmron, well any Disney movie, all the transformers, Eragon, The hobbit Movies, Pacific Rim, and both Ghost rider movies.

    Yugioh, Inuyasha, AOT/SNK, Pokemon, Tenkai knights, DBZ, MLP, Digimon, Danny Phantom, and PPG.

    Eragon series, Percy Jackson, Twilight saga, The black stallion, War horse, Fire Bringer, the black Gryphon, and the spirit animals books.

    Video games:
    Rayman, Viva pinata, Crash bandcoot, Skylanders, and Harvest moon. (Plus pokemon of course.)

    So Ya know, anyone want to roleplay go ahead. Oh and I do a lot of shipping, don't mind asking my ships.

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  2. Hm I was wondering if you wanted to diva vampire xHuman pairing.
  3. Sounds interesting, but what if we do something a little along of vampire x Neko I find that would be interesting. When you think about it Nekos are close to human except with ears and a tail.
  4. been wanting to do an inuyasha story..... however no one seems to be biting at the idea... interested??? using a bit of cannon characters mixed with a few Ocs.....
  5. That determines if there will be yaoi and Yuri I have a thing for that.
  6. i can swing that way.... not very skilled at it..... will still be able to do it.....
  7. as long as you have no probs with shipping with a fox hybrid.....
  8. also have a killer pokemon story..... not as much room for shipping thought... but it is great.....
  9. I was thinking more like.....

    All of your ideas are good don't worry about it.
  10. as much as i support that..... not this time......

    Marik Ishtar.....​
  11. [​IMG]
  12. "Because I hate you,"~Bakura
    "Well that's mean,"~Ryou
    "Shut up,"~Bakura
  13. Now that pairing i can and will do fluently........

    Marik X Bakura.......
  14. so what shall it be? Inuyasha..... Pokemon..... or a Marik X Bakura yugioh shipping.....?
  15. I don't really like Marik x Bakura, I do Puzzleshipping(Yami x Yugi), Puppyshipping(Seto Kaiba x Joey), Bronzeshipping(Marik[yami] x Malik[Hikari]), and finally Tendershipping(Bakura x Ryou).
  16. okay then..... scratch the Marik X Bakura..... how about the other two????
  17. Inyusha or my killer pokemon idea

    ((there may be shipping later on in the inuyasha))
  18. Okay I chose inuyasha. I'm warning you I didn't read very far, I'm waiting for the rest of the books to get checked in.
  19. if the manga is anything like the series... i know it all.... going to be using my Oc in this one.....
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