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  1. Thank you the amazing community of iwaku roleplay for allowing me to share with you all a site that has everything- organization, a tigh-knit community, custom spells, and literally infinite directions to go. We have canon build and custom guilds, and a rank system that would put many MMOs to shame. We have dedicated staff not unlike those here, and fun, engaging, storytelling that let's you feel like you're part of the world. Ah, yes we have everything- but the member base to help propel RPN to greatness. I hope some of you amazing folks decide to check us out. And if you do make an account, I am Harte due Vanity, so feel free contact me for any of your needs!

    Fairy Tail

    The moment you step on board you will be sucked into a whole new Earthland, where your very own character will wander through Fiore, alone or with friends. Pick your name, make your character, choose the magic you wish to control and explore this entire new world filled with magic, intriguing new plots, friendly guilds, and terrifying enemies! Even the Canon Characters of the original Fairy Tail are at your very disposal as you travel to learn, master and create your own spells around Fiore! But be quick, as the shadows of evil lurk and are steadily rising to destroy the world... Will you stop them, or join them instead?

    • Canon
      Provided you can pass an audition to accurately portray the character, canon characters are up for grabs!
    • Custom
      Your killer moves and weapons are yours to create. You can even come up with your own custom magic!
    • Which race will you choose?
      We've subbed out celestial spirit magic. Now you can BE A SPIRIT INSTEAD. Bam.
      DEMONS! Want to look wicked cool and use Curses instead of regular magic? You totally can.
      Or just wander around Fiore as a cute lil Exceed.


    Yōso was a world built upon four great nations - Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Aeria, and Atlantis - with each of them being being given a form a bending from the great Lion Turtles that lived in Yōso long, long ago. These nations have existed for thousands of years in peace and harmony. However, things began to shift in the balance between the world when the "Avatar" suddenly vanished.

    The "Avatar" was the one individual who was given the task of keeping balance in the world with his/her unique ability to control four arts of bending, with a higher spiritual energy than the rest. The disappearance of Avatar Aang had thrown the world into a state of distress. The world finally came to accept the death of the missing avatar and waited for the avatar cycle to continue and bring forth their new savior. Years passed, but there was no sign of the next avatar. At the same time, an evil shadow began to embark in a journey to capture the world and make it hers!

    A One Piece RP is also in beta!
    Come join us! Click the image.