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  1. This is seriously the worst thing I am at doing. How do you even come up with a roleplay name without being unoriginal? I use generators... Not very original but I want them to be! What's some good roleplay names for an adventure/action/romance nautical pirate roleplay? I'm all out of ideas after the generator gave me 'Invaders of Rainbows' haha!
  2. I usually try to make my roleplay titles directly link to a quirk in the plot, or something about the setting of the story. I also try to make it somewhat poetic or snappy. Or use alliteration (several words beginning with the same sound). If it's a ship, use the name of the ship, or if it's a group, the group name. Going on a quest? Use whatever they're looking for, or their journey. Lots of ideas can come from within your roleplay, if you have fleshed out the idea some. That's why I usually keep the title until the last.

    Lots of times, especially if I'm building up an idea with someone else, we often toss ideas back and forth until we come up with something we both like.
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  3. I have a couple different ways of going about naming things.

    However, the one I would most suggest, and the one I personally utilize whenever people ask me to name their roleplay or story or whatever—it happens—is founded on cliché. I know you wanted something unoriginal, but I find looking at the patterns of other work titles and recycling them with a little personal flavour can do wonders.

    I start with a few basic concepts of a roleplay. Take random keywords, and mesh them together. If that doesn't work, find words in the same family—fire, ash, flame, soot, char, coal, etc. Keep mixing and mashing, and go look at other titles to see the layout. The mmm of the mmm, for example, is pretty common. And as @Cammyfox mentioned, alliteration are good. I also like portmanteaus. Parallel structure. It's all good.

    Another useful thing to do is look for proverbs and sayings related to your idea, and then swap a couple words. Oftentimes, you can just cut out some words.

    Most of what you come up with will be horrible. That is to be expected. But you should pull out a gem eventually!

    So for your example, you have a nautical pirate RP? Adventure? Action? Romance?

    Nautical keywords: ships, sails, sailors, sea, ocean, salt, stars, navigation.
    Pirate keywords: loot, booty, ransom, theft/thieves, rats, scurvy.

    Ransoms and Riches
    A Sea to Plunder
    Salty Boots and Fickle Loot
    Women, Wine, and Waves
    Pirates A-plenty
    Winds of Gold; Sails of Grit

    Some proverbs:

    Where there is a sea there are pirates.
    When the pirate prays there is great danger.

    Of course, I'm not as familiar with your style of RPing, nor your plot/setting, so I can only really give generic ideas.
    When the Pirate Prays is totes my favourite, though.
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