roleplay mxf any kind of fantasy enjoy romance or strong intimate tension

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  1. I'm new to this site but not new to roleplaying I can be very detailed and when I get started i can't stop like to keep going. Names Garrett just look for a partner to have some fun with can be any kind of roleplay fantasy they want I will be glad to play along just looking for a partner. I can get pretty hot and heavy when the mood calls for it in the roleplay and Im very detailed. sure hope to hear from people

    Do enjoy
    werewolfxvampire girl
    And many more respond with your own ideas as well
  2. Which half do you prefer to be?
  3. Are you looking for libertine (erotic/sexual/smutty) role play?
  4. Mainly the guy but can go either way also don't mind mxm or FxF
  5. Just was stating if it moves towards it. I don't want to be in trouble for something I said wrong new here And enjoy it.

    But it can be whatever your comfortable sometimes that is a nice change
  6. i'm interested in these pairings, but we could always come up with something else together! :D pm me if you'd like to get something started ^_^
  7. Hello I would like to roleplay with you, perhaps a master x slave rp?
  8. I'm interested in that one if you want to rp pm me :)
  9. Beauty x beast or werewolf x teen ^-^
    I am interested in either one
  10. How about a Blind female x Criminal or bad boy of some sorts?
  11. im not opposed to it did you want to talk more?
  12. Please pm me lets get something started
  13. sure sounds very interesting :D pm me
  14. Not interested, just making sure this didn't belong in Libertine requests
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.