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  1. Hey there! Im gothic and Im currently looking for some roleplays. I am new to this site, so bare with me in figuring some things out on how to do this. I am a 24 year old female, and I am up for ANY kind of roleplay, well except Yuri.. I just don't get it...
    anyways, I do have three roleplays set up right now, but none are taken so feel free to step in and join me I don't bite, unless you want me to do so!
    Peace Offering: ((Started, but can make a second version if interested) (Yaoi)
    In this jump in roleplay, my character was once a prince that was sent to another prince to prevent a war from tearing his home apart. After 11 years of being a slave, he was gifted to yet another prince. Will Talios be abused once again or will something bloom out of his new situation?
    You got it wrong: (Yaoi)
    This is a roleplay based off of the lyrics of a song. My character was living on the streets as a boy but was taken in by an older gentleman. As years go by the boy comes to realize that he wasn't saved but imprisoned by the man who wanted someone that would love and obey him no matter what he did. Now Lauri wants to get his freedom, but is afraid of what will happen when he does.
    Forced Fates: (Can be either)
    This is an arranged marriage roleplay. My character is a commoner from a foreign kingdom and was selected to be the bride of a prince, thanks to the high king wanting to prevent a war from tearing the entire world apart. Alexis doesn't know who her fiancé is and she isn't so sure he will accept her thanks to her low birth and how she worked to keep her father and herself off the streets.
    Also, If you are here and would like to roleplay with me but don't like what is listed, make a suggestion! Like I said above, I am open to anything and am willing to plot with you to come up with something grand!
  2. New Idea.....

    Forbidden Romance
    Okay so this is basically in the title, but I would like to do a romance with a pairing can be male female or male male where they are not supposed to be in love. It can be a teacher falling for his student, A boss for a subordinate, an angel and demon, vampire and human or anything else that isn't usually paired together naturally.

    In this plot, I think it would be fun to have the teacher, boss, demon, or whoever generally knows better trying their hardest not to fall for the student, subordinate, angel etc. But as time goes on, they just cant help it and since they are together all the time, it just naturally happens. The submissive of the relationship has also started to have feelings for the other, but tries hard to keep things friendly between them, only because they don't think the other likes them, and because of the possible outcome if they were caught. However, they will end up in that forbidden romance and work hard to stay together when they both confess their feelings for each other.​
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