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  1. So..I have a couple or few roleplay ideas/plots that I'd like to see if anyone might be interested in.

    The first idea is for a romance roleplay.

    When you're terminally ill; you can go through organizations like the "Make a Wish Foundation," and they will do what they can to see that your life-long dream of whatever comes true. Of course; many terminally ill patients wish that they weren't dying or that something could be done to save their lives.
    Our story is that of four terminally ill women who had a unique last request. You see; the four of them have all been treated at the same hospital the last several years, and they became good friends.
    All of the women had one thing in common; other than their illnesses slowly draining away their life, and that was that they were single romantics.
    Valentine's Day isn't far away, and they all wanted to be able to have one last good romance before they died.
    So they contacted every organization that they could until they found one who agreed to pay for a trip to a tropical island and for all of them; as well as send some attractive and men whose single purpose would be to romance the women.
    What the women don't know is that all four of these men are paranormal beings, and all four of them possess the ability to potentially save the women's lives. The problem is that all of the men have a law that dictates who they're supposed to end up with.
    The men know that they are being sent to an island to fulfill the dying wishes of four women; what they don't know is that they're being set up with their soul mates.
    Can the women accept what these men are?
    Will the men be able to convince the women that life is worth living, even if it means a drastic change from what they're used to?

    The second idea is for a post-Arthur Avalon roleplay

    Back Story

    "Arthur Pendragon is dead," the announcement rang through the hall of the gods.
    "What of Merlin," Dagda asked. Though they all knew the answer; sometimes things had to be said out loud.
    "He is hiding the heir, and soon will be joining Arthur," came the response.
    "Then it is time. The isle of Avalon will exist to the outside world only in legends. Avalon will be taken over by the evil that has sought to conquer it since it was established as a stronghold for good. Only the sword and other items know when peace and goodness will again rule the isle. For now we must cloak the island, so that the rest of the world will not be affected by the evil. May the items make haste in choosing; for not even we gods may intervene."

    "And so it was that the isle of Avalon was cast into confinement by the gods," the old bard ended his story to the wide-eyed youngsters before him.
    "Is that why we're not allowed to leave the island," one of the youngsters piped up.
    "It would seem so, but I suggest you do not go around spouting this off. The king doesn't like for us to know the truth," the bard said with a grimace. All of the children glanced in the direction that they knew the castle to be in, and shuddered. The king was a vile man, and rumor had it that he'd lived for centuries. Far longer than a normal man should. The island; fortunately, was large enough that they could speak without being heard; so long as none of the king's men were around, anyway.

    "Grandpa," one of the youngsters suddenly piped up.
    "Do you think it's true that some day good will rule over Avalon again?"
    "I do, child. I think that day will come sooner than most might dare to think, too," the bard said with a grin.
    "Do you know something," one of the other children asked with excitement.
    "We shall see what way the winds blow, child. I know only what the gods have whispered."
    "What," the children all shouted with excitement.
    "That the winds of Avalon have begun to shift, and the air is rife with energy. The stars are beginning to align. I believe that the change may happen when you lot get older," he said with a grin.
    "You mean we could be knights," several of them shouted.
    "Oh, I don;t know about all that," he said hesitantly, and the children gave a collective "Awww."
    "You lot run along now, and don't be telling any stories you've heard from me," the old man instructed.
    Little did the children know; the old man was right, and they were each tied to the future of Avalon.

    The last idea I have isn't quite as hashed out as the other two,'s there for seeing, anyway.

    Assassin's Guild that buys supernatural beings that were sold into slavery rings, and offers them two choices : Be trained as an assassin and sign a contract (x amount of kills and gain your freedom while climbing the ranks in the guild) or compete in several gladiator-style fights where you either lose your life, or gain your freedom in the end.
  2. Hi, im interested in the first one, but we could totally turn it into a one on one, so instead of four women its just one, *shrugs* just a thought :)
  3. I'm really hoping for a group roleplay at the moment. Nothing against one on one roleplays, but I get bored with them too easily. e.e;
  4. okeyday then