Roleplay Ideas... Anyone Willing to Engage?

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  1. These are all the ideas I can think of so far off the top of my head. I am on pretty often so I should be able to get back to you relatively soon.

    1) So I was thinking, supernatural. Demon/Angel, Demon/Demon, Fallen Angel/Vampire (you get the idea) They could be a potential romance, yaoi, girlxgirl thing. Or it could be one of the most action packed things you have ever roleplayed. Anyway explaining the Demon/Angel thing, I was thinking more of a war type of thing where heaven and hell are at each other's throats for something each of their servants did or so they thought. It was actually commited by a human trying to see the end of the world. Either the demon/angel work together and save all three worlds or they continue to be at each other's necks and end contributing to the world's end. (yes I am willing to let it end that way. You can't always have a happy ending.) I have ideas for many other pairings, but PM me for questions.

    2) Post apocalyptic - Well the Turned (Zombies, Z-virus etc) have almost completely wiped out the inhabitants of planet earth. The goal is to reach the space ship that can fly you to mars where mankind discovered a society before the pandemic wiped everyone out. The society of Mars has agreed to send 2 spaceships full of earth kind. They will leave in five months. If you do not get there within that time, you'll pretty much be screwed unless you take the alternative and find the rebel group that is actually succeeding in killing off a lot of the Turned, but things like that only last for so long right?

    3) Human/Alien - Well in other words, a character is an alien who is preparing to take over planet earth. The alien is kind of like a vampire in the fact that it does drink blood, but because this character is an alien, it leaves open an array of numerous possiblities and powers. The human's job is to either plot to kill the alien before the plans actually take place, or the human tries to convince the alien that earth isn't as useless as it seems. The alien has an amazing appearance, but actually a disguise because its true appearance is so beautiful that no human can resist the urge to be suddenly attracted to it.

    4) The Butler and The Master - It's pretty self-explanatory if you think Black Butler also known as 黒執事 (kuroshitsuji). However, this time the master does not have to be a kid, nor does it half to take place during the time Queen Elizabeth was in power. The demon was chosen to lead the undeworld, but there was a condition that he first must fill. He must assist one in taking over the entire world only then can he return to the throne in waiting. So thus finding a master, he serves that person and fulfills all his wishes, but the master must have the desire to rule the world. This could be many things and it makes references to Kuroshitsuji, but none that would make anyone who hasn't seen it lost.

    Okay maybe not a whole lot of ideas... but the descriptions are okay right? Please leave a post here if interested. One last thing...

    Strictly NO ONE LINERS!!! Unless of course there's nothing else going on, but not for every post... You can type a paragraph. Or maybe it's a lot of dialogue.
  2. I like the post apocolyptic.
  3. Cool. We can start that whenever. Is there anything you would like to add and/or explain.
  4. I think it's well thought out. But I was hoping it could be a resident evil type thing. Movies though, I'm not familiar with the games. I was thinking that my character could be part of a second project from the umbrela corporation, Project Alex, who escaped and is now trying to get off the planet, not only to escape zombies, but the corporation. It's up to you, if you think it's a good idea, then we should do it.
  5. I have only seen Resident Evil: Apocalypse. I have not seen many American movies, but your character can be based off of something like that. I will try my best to contribute to that. Shall I post the starter. Also i am adding characters to my blog. I will post the character I will use for this roleplay soon.
  6. Ok. uhmm. At the end of apocolypse, you saw how alice looked at the camera and the guy began bleeding out the nose, eyes, ears? She has telekentic powers. She learns how to use them better in exstinction, and masters them at the beginning of after life, but loses them. I don't want my character to lose them, but his abilities are less powerful. Also, you could start it out if you want.
  7. Yes I did see that. I will base some of my character off of Alice but I kind of want it to mostly be my own thing you know? Okay I will send you the link to the post in a PM
  8. Ok. Also, should I put my character there or in the form of a blog?
  9. Um you can post there I guess... If you already have the idea for what your character is like then I say you don't need to post the description.
  10. I'd be willing to try the demon and angel thing. I like doing guy guy rps but i really don't care if they turn pervy or not. I'd rather have a good storyline and just joke along the side with that kind of stuff. If it turns more into that then it wouldn't be for several pages.
    Anyways. I've never done a heaven/hell thing but definitely willing to try ^^;
    I don't mind play a demon, angel, or vampire, whichever you think you can interact better with?
    Toss me a PM if that's okay :3