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  1. I had this dream so i dont know how good it is so tell me

    Basicly its in the future there was a tramatic event and a small group survived. Well the stongest/leader decided they would use some futeristic items but would also become more midevil. So they did then time passedand our story is set in the year 3020. So basicly its about a princess who falls in love with one of the comminers at the castle. This can be a for two people or for for multiple people that interfere. With them being together

    So. What do you think?? Feel free to make suggestions
  2. I think it definitely sounds interesting. Having more than 2 people in the thread would make it even more dramatic, that way as you said people would interfere and make it harder for the two. I like the idea of it being a mix of a medieval and futuristic setting as well, it could definitely be fun to see how it turns out.
  3. Thanks just need people to get involved
  4. I'm sure they'll come around. I'll join in once you have the two main characters :)
  5. Alright i just need the commener because i wanna be the princess
  6. You could try posting a request somewhere. I'm sure someone will be up for it.
  7. YYeah hey if you know anyone you know where ill be
  8. I'll look about for you :)
  9. Thanks
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