INTEREST CHECK Roleplay Idea..

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  1. Okay.
    I've been craving a particular kind of roleplay for ages and I haven't found something similar to it. ;-;
    So...with the suggestions of others, I've decided to post about it here.
    I have no idea if this will generate any interest, goes nothing.

    Basically the idea that I have in mind is a roleplay based around a coven (which would number between four and thirteen) witches who are vital to the city/town that they live in. (Now when I say vital I mean that basically their ancestors founded the city/town and the magic that they've inherited has long been sustaining the town.) This could probably have the whole age-old good v.s. evil theme in it (though I'm not exactly sure where/how) and may have a bit of a romantic influence. the idea is poorly written so far, and has basically no elements to it, but I'm hoping someone will be interested enough to help me work on the finer details. (:
  2. You just got hereand you're already spreading your wings, good show. I'm interested. :)
  3. Only 'cause you and Duchess_Bastet convinced me. <3
    Awesomesauce. :3
    I idea where to go with this, though. =\
  4. Well in this part of the forum, you post an RP idea and see what people think of it. This lets people look over it and give ideas that you can add on to the plot.
  5. I AM SOOO INTO THIS RP!!! not into it
  6. Seriously? o-o
    That's freaking awesome! <3
  7. oh yea...hey, i know that not all covens are female only...would you want this coven to be of mixed gender...??? if so..then i've got some guys that would be into this...
  8. Omg.
    You make me want to break out into dancing or singing or something that will help me express my joy, because this is freaking amazing...Just though you should know..

    Mixed gender is more than acceptable to me. ^-^
  9. *smiles* well those of us with like minded ideas like that should stick together *winks* hint hint...and i will let the guys know
  10. Hehe.
    Of course. :3

    Awesomeness. <3
  11. True Duchess. I might also have a few people who'd like to take a look ^^
  12. so the players im asking to check up on this are I_AM_THAT_IS, and Desaecula...they are both really good players, and Des has been a GM a whole lot, so if you have any questions setting up this rp, he will help, and im sure he would be willing to participate
  13. @Tenchi-Roku : That would be freaking awesome. <3 Thank you sooooo much.

    @Duchess_Bastet : Awesomeness. <3 You are amazing. /e-hug. <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you x a million. <3
  14. *hugs back* youre welcome, no problem ^_^
  15. I've asked Celest, Layne, and Lawkhart. Lawkhart has been pretty good with making plots, so I'm sure she can lend a hand. Layne is good with magic so she's great for the party. And Celest is a Staff Member, so if anything goes wrong you can asked her for help.
  16. :3 /huge smiley face

    Ooh. I do have a question for both of you.
    Would you prefer their magic to be based more in the area of spells, active powers, or both?
  17. Awesome, Tenchi. <3
    And..Uh-oh. A staff member. /hides.
    Intimidating. e.e;
  18. Hmmm... this seems like my cup of tea but I've never roleplayed as a witch, but I'm guessing its similar to rping as a wizard or wiccan so I'll give it a shot. I'm in then :)

    It will be an awesome challenge and I think I have Character sheet for something like this saved on my flash drive. I make character sheets for fun and for roleplays so if your interested in it let me know and I can send you the link.

    Also magic wise, are the witches/wizards going to have elemental bases, like someone is more power with destruction spells and offensive spells because their life force or mana is based in fire?
  19. I suggest both, that way people will have more otions ^^

    *hugs Wytch*
  20. I think both is a good idea. but probably only very few active powers, depending on experience within the coven itself and their level of initiation. ^_^