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  1. So, I've got kind of an idea for a roleplay and I want to see if anyone wants to help develop it and make it into something we can do. My whole idea is that I want to play with hometowns and origins and all of that. Start our characters off as children, then skip forward a few years to when they're teens, until the moment where the "inciting incident" occurs to propels our characters out of their hometown/neighborhood/whatever and on to the main plot. Kind of like what they did in the Fable games. But rather than just showing our characters basic skills in their early stages, we'll also develop the things that will define the plot later. Like foreshadowing future conflicts, in a smaller, shrunk down size when they were children. In the version of childhood events, old haunts and playing areas, clubhouses, whatever. In old games they used to play, or pranks they once pulled. So that when we get to the adult age of the story, we have these events we can draw on. So our characters would be like "Hey, remember that prank we pulled on Ms. So-and-so?" and the other would know what they were talking about, and pull off some plan that's a scaled up version of that prank, allowing them to defeat the badguys or solve some problem, or whatever. You get the idea. We would have some key events at the end of each moment in childhood, so as to make sure we don't stay playing those stages for too long lol Pretty much what I'm thinking we would discuss and come up with would be a setting, a major plot, and then key childhood events and things to reach that parallel or highlight that plot. It would be a proper epic. Any takers?
  2. This sounds super cool... I'm in!
  3. Awesome! Any ideas? What sort of setting do we want to do? High fantasy? If so, are there other races, and do those other races live in this town? Or should we keep to just humans? Is the fantasy different, maybe with advances in technology? Oh, maybe tradition and clunky tech. I did a writing exercise on here just a moment ago where I had to describe a temple, and I said it was the oldest structure in the world, but it was supported by technology. Where it was built on a mountain, the cliff it was built on had begun to erode and so modern technology allowed to preserve it with hover platforms. So now you either have to take the shuttle up to the Temple, or you have to climb dangerous paths that are nearly impossible and likely fatal.

    I think it would be cool to have that mix of ancient and futuristic, and how a small humble town would be in a world like that. There could be fisherman on the waters, raking in nets like people have for thousands of years, and tech mechanics in town fixing rusted out vehicles and trying to repair air conditioners, as well as the occasional energy platform, since no one else knows. I don't know if you've ever played Jak and Daxter, but that came to mind for some reason.

    Or we could do ancient, traditional fantasy. With nothing but swords, and epic legends. Mysterious ruins in the forests surrounding the town, where children might wander and get lost for hours, before rushing back to the safety of home by nightfall. Where nomadic forestfolk can sometimes be seen wandering by, if you watch closely enough and are lucky. There's so many opportunities in all the genres. I'm up for any of them. Once we figure out what kind of genre we want, the rest we can figure out based off that.

    Science fiction, or fantasy?
    Cultural stylings?
  4. I've never really role played SciFi, but I'm willing to try! I think the ancient/futuristic thing sounds suuuper cool. Probably just humans, though... You think?
  5. Yeah, I prefer just humans. I think having other races distracts, rather than adds. Cool, ancient/futuristic it is. I was thinking having them on an island would help with that isolated feel. What kind of characters are we wanting? I mean, in the end. What's our end goal? To have a team that saves the world from some terrible something or another? If so, what kind of dynamic are we looking at? I guess it depends on how many people we want to be able to join. If it were three, do we want to do the whole "mage/thief/warrior" kind of dynamic, though of course changed to fit this setting? Or two warriors and a mage? I think it would be cool if one of the characters on this island were a mage, trained as a monk/priestess for the Temple because he/she was discovered to be able to use magic. Maybe our first story could be when they all are just children, playing around in the woods or something and by the end of that period, we discover that he/she can use magic. After that we skip forward a few more years. He/she is in training at the temple, but the two other friends still get him/her to sneak out and have fun with them here and there, though obviously less than it used to be. These could be interesting dynamics. I think a max of four roleplayers. Three minimum, though. So we need at least one more person.
  6. Yes, that sounds fantastic! I would love to be the thief. Bad guys are fun. (But still a good guy. You get what I meant.)
  7. Okay, here's the exercise I did on here earlier, where it wanted me to describe a temple. I think we could set it here, in the town below the mountain, at the coast.

    BASIC DESIGN (what it looks like inside and out)
    Set on the side of some of a mountain is the Star Temple. It's architecture is a strange mixture of tradition and technology. Red, curved tiling on arched, curving rooftops. The impossible angle of the ancient stone and wood structure on the face of this mountain is supported by energy platforms attached to the face of the mountain side. It is the oldest temple in the world. Hundreds of years ago, the mountain cliff it was built on began to corrode and fall apart beneath it. Technology has allowed it to stay supported in it's original location, even providing hovering platforms for the many gardens and places of meditation, bridged from the original structure by rope bridges. This eclectic mix of modern and ancient makes Star Temple unlike anything in the world. From it's great space on the mountainside, reachable only by flight, you can get the most stunning view of the jungle beneath and it the mountain tops around it, seeing even as far as the sea of this large island far of the Azure Empire's coast. Most don't come this far, so the monks and priestesses who tend to the world's oldest temple are left well enough alone. The only people other than themselves they ever see are the people of the small town at the coast of the island.

    Star Temple

    On the side of a mountain on the island of Waka'juu.

    There are no statues in the Star Temple. But there are the murals. If you don't fly up to the Temple, you must climb. Taking treacherous paths across the mountainside, impossible jumps, and narrow gaps. Reaching the Star Temple's platform, a chunk of earth and stone supported by energy platforms to keep it attached to the face of the mountain. A few trees block your view, as you walk the stone staircase towards the unseen temple. Along the path, there are these markers. Stone towers, about as tall as an adult, with a hollow in the front from which an everglowing fire burns, lighting your path. Because of the trees here, and the mountain to your side, the area of Star Temple is often caught in shade for most of the day. The stone path, though obviously old, is well taken care of. No roots or weeds snag your feet as you follow the lights beside the path. Soon enough, the Star Temple comes into view. It's built into the mountain side itself. The curved angle of the roof, arching at each corner, is much like the architecture of your own village. But here, the door is different. It is heavy, made of stone. You can tell that once, it was very ornate. Only faded curves on the stone face hint at what was once shown there, long ago washed away by wind and rain in the mountains. As you walk up, the doors open on their own. In ancient times, the doors remained open all the time, except for the two days of the Great Storm. It would be closed using a system of ropes and pulleys and several strong monks. Today, technology has allowed the doors to open and close automatically. This protects the ancient murals within. As you enter the main room, you see them across all of the walls. The architecture itself framing each part of an epic narrative. The original History of Constellations. The greatest epic in the world, from which all great nations have been formed. But most of the picture in each of them has faded away long ago. The ones in the first room, with it's high ceiling, with wooden beams supporting it, are completely worn away. Smudges of faded colour on stone walls. What looks like a well is in the center of the first room, emitting a soft orange glow. Similar glowing lights come from lights over every arched frame on the wall. Walking into each room, you see they are similar. The further in you go, the easier it becomes to see the murals. They tell stories, of great accomplishments. It creates a web of rooms. In between are barracks like rooms for the monks and priestesses. Eventually, no matter which route you go, you end up in the central room. A great circle-like room with many faces. The images here have long ago faded to nearly nothing. You can't identify most of the figures and actions. But they aren't the highlight. Above you is now a great, crystal dome, from which you can see the sky. At night, the brilliant constellations whose story this temple tells.

    There are many monks and priestesses who live here. Many are caretakers, training their minds, trying to understand the history of stars and protecting the place from ruin. A temple as old as this one is in constant danger of fading away completely. These monks and priestesses keep this from happening. Some of them, however, also train to protect it from physical harm. It's an ancient tradition, but the pu'alimana have protected Star Temple since it's origins. Magic users, trained in the arts of combat.

    There are many monkeys and birds on the grounds of the Temple, but none within it.

    How do you tell it's a temple from the outside?
    Hundreds of pagoda structures jutting out from the side of a mountain on a distant island. And it's one of the oldest structures in the world, and it IS the oldest temple. Add in floating gardens and meditation grounds and all these monks and priestesses walking around, and there's no denying that this is a temple.

    What security from vandals and thieves does the temple have?
    Well, there's really only two ways of getting up there. Flying, or climbing up a dangerous mountainside. Plus, there are sensors all over the place, and the many monks and priestesses, and then the highly dangerous pu'alimana.

    What acts of worship are conducted there?
    Meditation, the cleaning and protection of ancient relics, studying the histories and discussing the interpretations.

    How many rooms and their uses
    There are at least two hundred rooms in this temple. Most of them are only seen within the mountain itself. They tend to be shaped like octagons, with murals painted on each wall. Other rooms are rectangular, and tend to be living quarters, libraries, dining areas, etc. These rooms often jut out of the mountainside and are the many strange pagoda like structures you see all around the sides of the mountain, supported today by energy platforms. Some energy platforms support nothing more than gardens, or meditation grounds and these float out from the face of the mountain, accessible by rope bridges that connect them to the many pagodas on the mountain side.
  8. I was thinking that your character and my character could be the ones that live in the town. I think I'd like to play a sort of warrior kind of character, but not really the traditional kind. I'm thinking that his background will be that his mom owns a mechanic shop on the island. Fixes all kinds of things. Vehicles, hovercraft, air-conditioners, anything tech. Every energy-platforms and batteries and other odds and ends the town needs fixed. So he has a background around tech.

    Your character and mine will be the ones living in town the whole time of the beginning. The other one will be a pu'alimana. One of the warrior mage monks/priestesses of the Star Temple. So we have warrior [kinda lol], thief, and now we just need someone to play that mage [priest/monk thingy lol].
  9. You are really talented... This sounds like an awesome setting! Eeek! I'm super excited about this role play!

    I'm thinking that my character could grow up on the wrong side of town, you know? They're dirty and sarcastic and everything you expect a thief to be. So all they've ever known is crime. Like, they've been pick-pocketing since they were little.
  10. Were you only lookin to make this one on one? Cause I'm very interested! :) i kinda skimmed throughtl your convo a little so I'm not sure. But it sounds fantastic.
  11. That'd be cool. So make it like a small port-city on this island, and this would be the dock's district. My character's mom works a junk-mechanic shop on her own, fixing pretty much everything in the slums. We grew up together on the same street, probably. I think your character would have been a lot better at the pickpocketing thing, even as kids. It would be fun to roleplay my character utterly failing at it and them having to run away lol but mine was a bit better at childhood scraps. Oh, oh, oh! Sorry, got excited from an idea lol

    I have this image in my mind of them having a little local haunt in the neighborhood. Like a shack on top of a roof or something, ya know? It's hard to get to, but it's their hangout area. Their "clubhouse". And in my mind, they're hanging out here and my character is fiddling with all these nobs and bits, before finally finishing making a radio strong enough to reach past the island. So they get to listen to music from the mainland on it, or maybe talk to distant ships if they wanted. It was made from some of the parts from his shop, but even his mom's shop didn't have all the components necessary to make the kind of radio they wanted that could reach the mainland. Or maybe it was rare stuff. He'd been working on it for a while, with his mom's help. But he goes to take it to show his friends, and then there's these bullies or assholes or whatever and they're messing with either you, or with our other character, before he/she discovers they have magic. In the little kids' scuffle, the radio is broken. And so the first part of our roleplay is us trying to find ways of fixing the radio. The components. Pickpocketing to get the money to order certain parts, or going to some ruins outside of town to get a different piece they need, or running a few errands. Simple kid stuff to work on a project. I'm thinking the final piece would be an energy source, and that's the one that requires us to go out of the town and into the jungles surrounding the city. That's when the one character discovers they have magic and shortly after that we flash forward to the next age period, when they're teens.

    @xKisses We totally need more people. We need someone to play the potential mage/priestess character I was just talking about.
  12. Actually, maybe that was how they became friends. The broken radio.
  13. Will my monk have to be a male? I usually play female characters. Though I supposed I'm not apposed to trying. Just not something I'm used to.

    Also is my monk already a made character? Unless you opened to an original character to fit your world ofc..
    Its not that I don't like playing a character or filling a role, just ..blah how do I type this without writing a novel :/...

    Sometimes the person who's made the roleplay has certain expectations of that character and how they are supposed to be /act etc. Which limits my ability to throw in ideas or connect to my character and I don't like that...
    So I guess what I'm trying to say lol. Is there another role or character you had in mind?
  14. It can be male or female. The backstory or personality can be whatever you desire. All I know is that on this island, if you can use magic, they tend to send you to the Temple to start training to protect it. What kind of magic they do, or whatever, is up to you. My only thing is finding a way to tie the character into ours so that we can grow up as childhood friends. And if the monk/mage/priestess thing isn't vibing for you, feel free to make a different kind of character. I was just suggesting that because of the traditional setup that tends to work of having a thief like character, a warrior, and a mage like character. The traditional adventure group, ya know? lol But from their early years, and developing them from there.
  16. I know, right? xD This simple thing unifying our group as young children. Fixing something that's broken. It's a perfect symbol for later on, when they become adults and are trying to fix something far more important. Like the seed of the future ^_^
  17. This is really cute and cool, and I'm in love with it already.
  18. Though, obviously, this is a longterm kind of roleplay. I should probably state that. We're going to have a whole mini-roleplay before we even get to the main plot. But that's what's gonna make it so much fun. We'll have developed real memories and moments between our characters. Not just some random ragtag group of heroes who meet and then save the world. But friends who have developed bonds strong enough to support each other when things start to get really bad. Who have cute moments to share, embarrassing ones to laugh about, and sad ones to unite them. al;djf;lajsdfoiaojf Sorry, got excited xDDD It's gonna be so damn adorable xDD
  20. Well I wanna stay in the concept of you idea! I do get it lol. Maybe if we find a fourth they be OK with the monk role.

    What about a sorcerer? Or maybe a wizard?
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