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Lady of the Dragons

Original poster
Uh oh, the newbie has an idea. This can't be good.

So recently I've been reading the book Eyes Like Stars, which I enjoyed, and it inspired me an idea for a roleplay. After some searching on the site to see if the same idea has been already played, I came up empty-handed so I'm pretty confident that no one's RP'd this before.
The book is about a girl Bernadette or Bernie for short, who lives in a magical theater where characters from the play are real people. Other stuff happens, but I'm just supplying the general outline of the plot.

Basically, the Roleplay would be about a Theatre (magical, of course) where the characters in famous plays can come to life for whatever reason, mostly to perform. They cannot leave the theatre because they are bound to it. (In the book, this is because they are written in The Book, which is basically a collection of all of the plays.)

I haven't really gotten past that very basic idea and if people think its a good idea, I might develop more of it. So, what'd you think? I'll answer any questions you might have.

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Could be an interesting thing to try out. :]

Lady of the Dragons

Original poster
I actually agree, Rory. It could be my first made-by-me RP :D


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Think carefully about where you want to take it. If interests fades so will the players; the plot should be somewhat strong or at least there should be some definite overtones as to what you want to do with it.

On the other hand, if you want player driven content you will need to create forum dedicated to the idea where players are free to mingle under no pressure and have lots of time (weeks to months) to develop their own relationships.

Lady of the Dragons

Original poster
Yeah, that's why if people are interested, I'm gonna start building the plot. Maybe with the help of others.

But thanks for the advice.