Roleplay Idea. Gone . Tested Can you handle it? (a trip to the unknown)!

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  1. So i have this idea . Group of people choosen ( you replied to an ad on a newspaper and or accepted for a new study/tv show) im not sure what direction i want to spin that in yet. back to the point... You receive a letter of acceptance for the new show . and it in it it expresses the rules, the isolated island you'll be taken to .

    from there our characters are assigned cabins, and bunks mates ( who may or may not be your challlenge partner)

    Group of people split into groups, and every three days they have weekly challenges ( ie: trapped in the middle of the forest with limited supplies ,where random events will happen, someone may find water, loose their equipment such as their tent etc.) your to work together as a team, best way you see fit to finish or complete each challege/competition.

    winners will receive prizes and or extra items ( bedding ,pillows, fancy food etc) losers will be sent to elimination ,where the other competitors vote in secret and the loosing them from each ,one person gets voted off etc . until a winning team stands

    This will be focused at the camp, which will have the cabins, bathrooms ,lounge area , kitchen etc where everyone can chat , have time for characters to bond or time to roleplay whatever drama and or romance you want to have.

    what will happen ? cheating? teams working together? partner hate each other/trust issues? always twist with the random events!

    On challenge days: each team will have two days to complete challenges , where random weather changes can happen , different terrain settings( one team may be in a lush forest ,where as the other may be in cold,harsh terrian caught in hail storm ) ,weapon / items/ food availability. I have lots of ideas, and im opened to ideas i just want to get a few potential people interested before i get rolling on writing out the main thread ( im still working on details) for signups.
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