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Are you having trouble getting people to join your roleplays, getting an idea off the ground, or some other trouble involving roleplays? Come and post in Roleplay Help, where other members can offer solutions and pointers.

If you post in Roleplay Help looking for advice, try to at least be receptive towards receiving pointers from others, even if you don't agree with what they're saying. Be polite and courteous both in asking and replying and be mindful of the site rules involving hashing out your drama with other people in public spaces. This includes saying negative things about current or former roleplay partners and roleplays!

Threads in this section are currently archived after one year from the last post. If you have a topic you would like closed, use the Thread Moderation Request form to let us know.

Thread prefixes are colorful tags displayed at the beginning of a thread title. They can be chosen when creating a thread and more than one can be applied. These prefixes show what a thread is for. You can also click on them from the thread listing to display all the threads with that prefix within that forum. Each section has its own prefixes, so make sure to check the info sticky to make sure you're picking the right prefixes and to learn what they mean!

DISCUSSION - This thread is a question or discussion topic.

WORKSHOP - This thread is a discussion actively led for a short time by the thread owner, answering questions on a particular topic.

CHARACTERS - Characters are a major focus in this thread.

COMBAT - Combat is a major focus of this thread.

GAMEMASTER - This thread is focused on running a roleplay.

MAGIC - Magic or magic systems are a major focus in this thread.

ROLEPLAY - Anything related to roleplays that isn't covered by other subjects.

ROMANCE - Writing or developing romance between characters is a major focus in this thread.

WORLDBUILDING - Creating world lore, culture, and other setting information is a major focus here.

WRITING - Anything related to writing that isn't covered by other subjects.

TECHNOLOGY - Writing levels of technology or creating new technology is a major focus in this thread.
Not open for further replies.