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I'm looking to create a roleplay group. Here's a list of things I'll play:

-Fantasy, of any type
-Any Anime-Based, as long as it falls under the above categories
-Supernatural Highschool
-Etc, etc...


-Jersey Shore, or any type based on a reality show
-I'm-rich-and-popular-everybody-me stuck-up ones...
-pretty much anything else is okay, since I can't think of any more no-go's

I've kinda been wating to do a Vampire the Requiem one...

Or a LARP... I'll go to the corner now...
Haha, you don't have to go to the corner. :)
I'd also be interested in a Vampire type thing. Just depends on how you're gonna do it.

If its anything like twilight I'd have to pass.

as for a wolf rp group. Look in my sig For the link.
We're doing something wolf based there.
I'm interested. I am up for anything, but the genres you posted seemed good. Just give me a shout if you want me around.
I'm thinking of a werewolf/vampire one, where they all go to the same highschool.

Firewolf, I totally agree. a copy of Twilight would not be good.
:) If anything, the RP iI'm thinking about would be more X-Men-like than Twilight-like.
I'm in if you'll have me. Make it broader though, so out encompasses all sorts of supernatural beings.