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  1. Skye took down a few notes as she say in class. She was sat right at the back, so no one would talk to her, and she wouldn't be asked any questions. She sighed and then looked around at everyone else who was happily working, talking to the person sitting near them whilst they worked. Whilst Skye was sat alone with no one to talk to. She would talk, that is if she could. But she couldn't, literally. She could not speak a word to anyone. When she was young, she never picked up talking. Her family thought she just had some kind of difficultly when it came to picking up speech and talking for herself. She could hear perfectly fine, but she could never utter even the smallest of words. It was when she grew older that her parents got even more worried and took her to see a doctor. Turned out she had some kind of issue called muteness, and wouldn't be able to talk. She still went to school, was hard working and successful during lessons, she just couldn't talk to anyone. But when Skye was very young her parents told her to take up sign language classes, which she was very good at. It was her only way of communication. She often felt lonely, sometimes she didn't even care if no one would talk to her because they thought she was weird and found her issue odd.

    She moves her attention briskly back to the lesson, which was almost ended. She sighs again and places her head in the palm of her hand.
  2. Alex was one of those guys who usually didn't have any issues making friends. He could talk to almost anybody and they'd usually find something they had in common. His issue instead was that no matter how hard he tried, he didn't feel like he could connect to anyone. He could talk to others, no problem, but when it came to absolutely anything else, he failed miserably.

    Today's class wasn't anything he'd remember. He wasn't focused at all, instead looking around the classroom for anything interesting. Sitting right next to the wall in the back of the class gave him a great spot to look around from, after all. His eyes found Skye in the back of the class, and he started thinking a little. Every time he'd seen her, she seemed alone. Up until now, he had assumed that she did indeed have friends, just that they weren't around her at the moment. But seeing her sitting there, alone and quiet in this chatterbox of a class, made Alex realize that she was very lonely. He decided mentally that as soon as the bell rang, he'd try to talk to her. She did seem to need a friend, after all.

    A few minutes later, the bell rang out to signify the end of the class, although the atmosphere of the class didn't change at all. People were just as talkative as they were in class, and the only change seemed to be that they were moving out. Alex, however, after gathering his stuff, walked over to Skye, putting on a friendly smile. "Hello there," he said. "How are you?"
  3. Skye stood up once class came to an end and closes her textbooks, putting her pencil case into her back pack and zipping it up, putting it onto her back. As she was getting ready to leave she gazes over and sees one of her classmates going over to her, smiling in a friendly manner. This was a surprise, and she smiles back at him. What he said to her was quite clear, Hello there, how are you? But when she tried to reply she opens her mouth to speak but not even a word came out. She began struggling to say something and felt incredibly embarrassed.

    Instead she just shook her head sadly and pointed to her lips as if trying to signify to him that she couldn't reply. At least she tried. If he came over to talk to her, maybe he wouldn't find her strange or weird at all and would understand the situation. She'd seen the guy around before, Alex right? Yes, that was his name. He spoke to almost everyone and had a lot of friends.
  4. Alex raised a questioning eyebrow at Skye's little charade, not really understanding what she meant by it. After thinking a little while, his eyes widened in realization as he figured out that it was her way of saying that she couldn't speak.

    That got him thinking of his older brother. He wasn't mute, but deaf. As such, he was slightly reluctant to speaking, fearing that he'd get laughed at for pronouncing things wrong. He had retreated to sign language, teaching it to those around him, including Alex. It was a chance, but perhaps Skye knew it as well.

    He raised his arms and begun to sign towards her. [Do you know sign, perhaps?]
  5. Skye was surprised that he knew sign language. How did he know?.. She smiles and then makes a few movements with her hands to reply to his questions.

    [Yes, I do. I took it up as a way of communication when my family and I found out I have a mute... I can't talk] She replies, realising he probably got that now. She was glad that she had at least someone to talk to. Someone who understood her difficulty and even knew sign language.
  6. [Ah, yes, I understand.] Alex answered with a little smile. [My brother has about the same issue... It's not that he can't talk, though, he just refuses to. He's deaf, you see...] Alex said, stopping himself because he thought he was rambling on too much about himself and his own problems.

    [Well, enough about my brother, and back to my original question. How are you?] He begun escorting her out, slightly wanting to get moving to not miss lunch.
  7. Skye nods. [Ah. I'm really glad someone around here knows sign language] She replies and smiles, walking alongside him.

    [I'm great thanks! how about you?] She asks, returning the question, making some movements with her hands.
  8. [Well, it is a bit uncommon, I do know that.] Alex signed, thinking back on how many times his brother has had to teach others the basics of sign.

    [Anyway, I'm fine too. Just a bit tired after the day, but I think that I can manage it.] He looked at her for a little while before continuing. [Do you... Want to sit together at lunch?]
  9. Skye nodded again, she headed into the lunch hall and picks out her lunch and pays for it. To his request, she nodded and then went over to a table, putting her tray of food down. She sat down and waited for him to join her, eating her food.
  10. After picking and paying for his own food, Alex walked up to Skye and sat down on the opposite side, to make it easier to communicate with her. [So,] he signed. [I have to ask, how do you feel, not being able to talk? It must feel... Strange.]
  11. Skye thought for a moment.

    [It is pretty odd...] She began, waving he hands about in reply. [I do try to talk but something about talking just doesn't click with my mind. I do try and say a few words ever now and then, but whenever I do try the words never come out and I just look stupid].
  12. [Oh. Well, I can't claim to understand you, but it does seem to be quite... Disturbing, I should say.] Alex said, not quite finding an appropriate word for it. [But don't feel stupid, okay? It's not like you can help it or anything. You should know how stupid I feel when I try to speak normally to my brother.]
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