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  1. Harmony was sitting in the back seat of her family's car, reading a book whilst the greenery of the forest zoomed by the windows. Her brother Josh was sitting not too far away from her, looking down at his phone. When the car parked, they stopped at a small but cosy house. Her mom and dad decided they wanted to move. To try out living in a new place. There was a lot of greenery, and it was slightly muddy. They were surrounded by trees and nature. Harmony was both excited and nervous about the move.

    Moving meant starting somewhere entirely new, that meant a new home and a new school - she was enrolled in a high school not to far away and would be starting in about two days. The family got out of the car, and admired their new home. She got out and then grabbed her suitcases. Her brother didn't seem all that interested, more in texting his friends.
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  2. Jack would wake up in his home, which coincidentally wasn't too far from Harmoiny's, though in its own little haven in the trees, just by a small lake. His family would have lived isolated for quite some time, due to no one actually having purchased a property near by them for what seemed like forever, but in reality was probably only two years.

    As Jack waked up, he'd sigh lightly, looking around his room as he'd frown deeply, moving a hand to his forehead, combing a few fingers through his hear. He'd wince slightly in pain, as his arm was still irritated from a bite he'd received not that long ago, whilst out alone in the woods, having spent a lot of time alone due to the miscommunication in his family. He'd move out of bed, lazily moving towards the bathroom, cleaning his teeth, shaving what small trace of stubble was left, showering, before he'd grab some breakfast. Once he was satisfied with his current condition, he'd throw on some jeans, trainers and a black hoodie, going to head outside, blinking as he'd hear the noise of Harmony and her family moving in near by, going to rush forward to take a peek, though being sure to remain hidden within the tree-line.
  3. Harmony and her family made their way to their small, cosy house. She went upstairs to her bedroom and then opened the door. Her room was the right size, there was also large window which overlooked a nearby beach. The view was wonderful. When she was finished unpacking, she told her family she was going to go and take a look around.

    She started to walk away from the house and then took a few steps through the forest.
  4. He'd blink as he saw her leave the property and stepping into the forest, finding himself compelled to head towards her, though ensuring to use the trees for cover, having spent most of his life in these forests, he'd be no stranger. He'd try to make his way progressively closer towards her, to study her features carefully.
  5. She sat down on the ground and pulled out a book that she'd been carrying. She flicked through it, but couldn't help but feel someone nearby. Her brown eyes looked up, darting around the forest. She couldn't really see anyone about so she went back to her book. She was dressed in a striped sweater, a pair of jeans, boots and was wearing her winter coat. She pulled her wavy, long dark hair into a ponytail.
  6. He'd soon make himself more visible, as he'd begin to walk towards her, being careful with each step he took, no longer caring about hiding himself. Upon being close enough, he'd put on a warm smile as he'd look down at her. "Hey there.. did you move into that house near by?" he'd ask in a soft tone, his eyes carefully studying her features now that he was closer to her. He'd seem somewhat surprised, though that was more down to his sudden increase sense of smell, one hand going to gently scratch the bite on his arm, though it was hidden beneath his black hoodie that covered his form from his shoulders to his waist, where his jeans would then take over.
  7. She looked up when she heard a voice, she jumped and then looked up to see a boy, maybe even her age standing near her. She smiled and then closed the book she was reading.

    "Yeah, we moved here just about two hours ago. Me, my mom, dad and brother" She said. "Oh, I'm Harmony"
  8. He'd smile softly, inclining his head slightly as he looked at her, standing tall as he'd roll his shoulders slightly.

    "A pleasure Harmony, I'm jack and.. well welcome to the area, I guess." He'd say smiling gently at her, going to take a step forward towards her, extending his hand to her.
  9. She took hold of his hand and shook it, still smiling. "Thank you. It's nice to meet you Jack" She said and then stood up. "I'm going to go, before it gets dark. I'll see you around" She said and then began to walk away, when she got home, she told her parents that she'd already met someone and they were happy she was already making friends.
  10. He'd nodded once, waving her off as he smiled, though following her using both the shadows and his natural understanding of his surroundings to keep himself hidden, making sure she was able to get home safely. Once she was inside, he'd retire back towards his own home. As his home was just in sight, he'd stumble, gritting his teeth as he fell forward onto a knee, catching himself with his palm on the ground. He'd look around as he'd whine slightly in pain, unsure of what to do or what was happening, a surge of adrenaline and energy rushing through his body. He'd bare his teeth, letting loose what'd sound more like a growl than anything. His hands would clench into fists, as his eyes would soon roll back.

    The rest of the night to him would be a blur, though waking up with some dried blood on himself, an alarming sense of smell and the ability to hear, as well as feeling a lot physically stronger.
  11. She didn't so much for the next few days, she went school shopping with her brother and mom. She got a couple of new outfits, and school supplies. When they all got home, she returned to doing the finishing touches of her bedroom.

    [First day of the new school]

    She got up, the sound of her alarm clock ringing in her ears. She shut it off and started to get ready for the day. When she showered, picked out her outfit, did her hair and ate breakfast she got into her car and began to drive to school.
  12. Jack would have ran there himself, finding a new found strength and stamina as he did, having showered off the dried blood from earlier.
    Once he'd arrived at school, somewhere he wasn't a stranger, he'd look around calmly, heading over to his locker, grabbing what he needed, before he'd begin to walk around the campus which was slowly filling up with students, still wearing his same black hoodie to hide the bite mark which had been causing him a lot of grief recently. He'd soon settle in the library as he'd wait for the day to start.
  13. Harmony got her school timetable, along with Josh. She went to the library because school hadn't started yet to check out of the books they had. She entered quietly and borrowed a book, then sat down at a table where she began to flick through it. She always read, it was just one of her hobbies. She looked up and noticed a boy in the library too, he looked familiar though.
  14. Jack would blink as he felt a familiar scent entering the library. His eyes would carefully scan the room, though blinking as he'd see Harmony, a small smile forming on his face as his eyes would rest on her for a few moments, before he'd stand up, going to head towards her, looking down at her. His hair would be slightly ruffled and he'd probably be able to be mistaken for just having gotten up, though in reality he had been up earlier than most. "Good morning Harmony its.. a pleasure to see you again. I see you found your way here okay." he'd say in a gentle tone, inclining his head slightly.
  15. Harmony was dressed in a grey jumper, black jeans and a pair of boots. She had her backpack beside her whilst she sat down and read. She had her wavy, dark hair lay loosely. Her hair cascaded down her back and ended at her waist. She looked up again when she heard a voice, a familiar one. She looked up and saw a boy, it was Jack. She hadn't seen him, apart from when she met him two days ago. She didn't know he went to the same school as her,may least she knew one person already.

    "Morning Jack, it's nice to see you again. I didn't know you went to school here. Yeah, I found my way here easy enough. How're you doing?" She asked, quietly.
  16. He'd smile politely as she spoke whilst looking at her. "I'm doing well thank you, what are you reading?" He'd ask softly as he'd go to take the seat next to her, allowing his bag to fall from his shoulder onto the floor beneath the table.
  17. She showed him the book she picked out. It was a romance novel, she was a bit of a hopeless romantic at times. She wanted to find someone out there who would love her, and he her Prince Charming. She hadn't dated anyone before, or been in an actual relationship. She'd been on one or two dates in the past, but she never really felt a connection. "It looked interesting, so I just picked it up" She shrugged.
  18. He'd inspect the cover of the book, before turning his attention up to her and once more smiling politely. "Is it good?" he'd ask seeming to hold a genuine interest in his question.
  19. She nodded. "Yep" She said and then heard the bell go, she looked at her timetable and then noticed she had an Art lesson first. "What do you have for first period?mi have Art" She said and smiled at him gently.
  20. He'd go to stand up as he'd return the smile. "I've got the same actually.. want me to show you the way there?" he'd ask in a soft tone, picking up his bag from beneath the table, ensuring that he has all the correct equipment and books inside of it before he'd hoist it over his shoulders.
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