PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Roleplay Extras - the big clean up!


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Roleplay Extras: What it means for you

Hello! This is a just a quick PSA to let users know about some upcoming maintenance to several roleplay-focused but often misused areas around the site. Iwaku has three separate forum sections designed to store user content. However, each section serves a distinctly unique purpose. A brief summary can be found below:

  • The Coding Lab- an area designed to test BBcodes.
  • Roleplay Extras - a storage area for character indexes, lore threads, and bonus content related to your existing group or 1x1 roleplays.
  • Showcasing -a section of the forum where you can create you own mini-gallery or exhibition for ideas, stories, or art.

There has been some confusion regarding the correct placement of characters and worldbuilding between the two sections Roleplay Extras and Showcasing. If you're struggling to differentiate between the two for storage, one simple way to tell them apart is this: Roleplay Extras is for content tied specifically to an existing group or 1x1 roleplay. Any other lore or content independent of a rp is best placed in Showcasing! Additionally, the "Character Index" prefix in Roleplay Extras is intended specifically for a character roster for group roleplays or specific 1x1s, not storage for standalone original characters. You can find the "Character" prefix for your personal character lists in Showcasing.

Over the next few days/weeks, staff members will be looking through Roleplay Extras and making sure threads are properly placed in the right section. If you notice your thread has been moved to Showcasing recently, then that's the most likely cause!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to staff!