Roleplay Discussion: Genre Bending

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  1. Genre Bending is the act of taking something commonly found in one genre and placing it into another genre. This can simply be a futuristic setting where those at war use fantasy weapons or magic, all the way down to something from one genre (Such as Cherry Blossoms) being portrayed in a new and creative way (Such as a robot designed to be ambassador to the people, collecting all their concerns and opinions remotely.) In today's thread, we'll be discussing Genre Bending.

    What's your opinion of Genre Bending?
    What would you Genre Bend?
    Do you know of any clever Genre Bends already out there?
    Any on these forums?

    Leave your creative and thoughtful responses below!
  2. What's your opinion of Genre Bending?
    I LOVE genre bending! So much so that I make a habit of doing it often. It's great for giving unique spins on tired of cliches.

    What would you Genre Bend?
    My favorite things to genre bend are Fairy Tales. Turning Snow White in to a modern tale about a band. Sleeping Beauty in to a SciFi saga. It's a fun challenge for me to come up with fresh ideas for these classic tales. 8D

    Do you know of any clever Genre Bends already out there?
    I've always thought Treasure Planet was a fun genre bend! Your classic story about pirates and treasure hunting, turned in to a scifi epic. One of my fav movies.

    Any on these forums?
    As a matter of fact, the Iwaku Mythos roleplays seem to reinvent themselves and genre bend with every roleplay that comes out. Even of it's own Mythos! My favorite bend of the Mythos has been the Crimson Soul universe! It took the gritty-war fantasy stuff that the Mythos usually has, and turned it in to a magical girl setting!
  3. I can literally feel the excitement you have for the topic in your responses. :D
  4. What's your opinion of Genre Bending?
    I absolutely love it. I enjoy looking at old tropes in new ways.
    What would you Genre Bend?
    Oh, practically anything I can get my hands on if there are people interested. I've done court intrigue in space, grimdark faerie tales, stuff like that.
    Do you know of any clever Genre Bends already out there?
    Young Wizards is likely my very favorite. Taking magic and wizardry in specific and setting it in a well thought, scientific, modern system is so much fun!
    Any on these forums?
    We used to, once upon a time, have a genre bending challenge. I don't think it exists anymore but you are welcome to look through old threads and read what was there.

  5. What's your opinion of Genre Bending?
    I'm okay with it as long as it is done well, in fact I incorporate genre bending into my writing all the time. Why stick with the same old stereotype.
    What would you Genre Bend?
    I really like mixing fantasy and scifi.
    Do you know of any clever Genre Bends already out there?
    Let's see Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn is kind of a genre bend, as is his book Way Of Kings. Then there is the Pathfinder campaign setting that incorporates scifi, and more renaissance era tech into it's high fantasy setting.
  6. What's your opinion of Genre Bending?
    It can be utilised to create a fresh, interesting and unique RP when done right, but all too often people rely on it in the absence of actually having a good idea. For instance, Firefly (if you don't know what this is then please locate the nearest heavy object and hit yourself in the face with it) is ostensibly 'western in space' but there's far more to it than that; Whedon ran with the idea, developed it and grew lots of interesting aspects to the story from it.

    All too often, though, you'll see people just going “LOL COWBOYS IN SPACE” and think that this is enough for a good RP.

    It isn't.

    What would you Genre Bend?
    Greek Myths could be great fun to transpose into different settings and eras. Run 'The Iliad' as a modern conflict, or 'Anabasis' in Prohibition-era Chicago. There's a lot of opportunities there.

    Do you know of any clever Genre Bends already out there?
    I believe I mentioned Firefly already? Yeah, that's how you do this sort of shit right.

    Any on these forums?
    I ran a game called 'Iwaku SHATTERED' which combined the mythos stuff Diana mentioned with elements of fantasy and post-apocalyptic stories. Kind of died a death, sadly, but it was fun while it lasted.
  7. I actually made an RP specifically focused on Genre bending.

    It never got of the ground sadly.

    If you'd like to look at it, it's in my signature. One of these days I will bring that sucker back I will.
  8. Genre Bending is great!

    My personal favorite (And something I'd love to do) would be making werewolves or supernatural creatures into a Sci-Fi setting.
  9. I love Genra-bending, my all time favorite franchise is one!
    ((Warhammer 40k, it's Science-Fantasy, SPACE orcs, SPACE elves, SPACE demons, each unique enough to not be bland!
    It helps that it started out as a space based parody of a fantasy series.))