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  1. Anyone want to do a 1x1 fight?
    Can be using OCs or already made characters
    We can discuss on the arena.
    Fighters must have a weakness
    THe audience and us can vote who wins in here.
  2. If you stick with it this time around...
  3. sorry about last time. I had to much roleplays and lost track of them all
  4. Let's get it.
  5. I'm down with that. Yo


    let's do this
  6. Im looking to do an Arena roleplay standard T4 arena rules. Character must be OC and be on similar power scale to opponent. Must have some dialogue, and of course the normal no godmodding and all that.
  7. I'm not too sure what T4 is as a standard. I think I typically engage in T1, or a variant thereof. But I'm always willing to try something new.
  8. I'm fine with t1 as well when I said standard I meant basically how it was.
  9. I'm up for pretty much anything as combat goes. Well. anything short of me being required to lose from the start or being at an arranged disadvantage; but you've already quelled my concerns there and I have trust that you'll be a fair oppoenent.

    What level of power/proficiency do you typically play characters at?
  10. I generally don't care about power level as long as they are outlined clearly and evenly matched.
  11. OK. So, whenever you're ready I guess.
  12. Challenge excepted good sir!
  13. If it's a bout of fisticuffs you desire, good sir, than I am most certainly willing and able to fulfil this wish of yours.
  14. ok if anyone wants a fight post an IC and tag me in it and put your CS in first post so I can see what power level we are going for.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.