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  1. So, I want to make a roleplay. What kind of roleplay, you ask? Well, that's up to us. I usually like things with either a scifi or fantasy spin. But in unique universes. It all has to be made original, but it can draw inspiration from other things, of course. I like stories based around a small group. I like stories that start off with small problems, semi-normal locales, and somewhat regular characters that all starts to accelerate and grow. The problems become more dangerous and complicated, the locations become more epic, and the characters grow and become more heroic [or villainous!].

    So, my current concept is a scifi/fantasy mix that starts in a neighborhood of a pretty decently sized city. It's not a capitol, it's not a huge metropolis. But it's still a big city, with a diversity of people. Whether this is fantasy place, with many different races, or set far in the future, or is mixed around is up to us. But we start in a single neighborhood. Our characters maybe know each other, maybe they're friends, maybe not. But the story starts to develop and grow, so that soon enough we're not facing everyday street problems, but things that are more substantial. That inciting incident that thrusts our characters out of the comfort zone and into the open world. I want to develop. I'm huge into plotting and working out character stuff in advance. So, any ideas? Let's brainstorm, people XD
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  2. I'm interested, I'm also new to this website so bear with me as I'm learning as I go...I like the plot outline. Since it'll be a group roleplay, why not have our characters be different races? Let me know what else you're interested for characters/plot! Looking forward to see this in action :)
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  3. Yea so far I'm in! I like the sound of something that starts with a small group of average joe's and expands into something epic! Maybe some sort of conspiracy or underlying evil? Or maybe even one of our group becoming the villain. Let's talk specifics >:3 And the multiple race idea sounds all cool with me.
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  4. I like the idea of one of the characters being a quasi-villain. But only if they develop into becoming a villain rather than always being villainous and deceptive. I've actually been looking for a worthy rp in which I can create a character who develops into a realistic and believable antagonist, rather than a villain.

    And as far as creating a whole separate universe goes, I'll be willing to help brainstorm ideas with that. I'm actually in the midst of creating my own unique fantasy world from scratch, and I'm trying to develop it as thoroughly as possible, with different cultures, societies, races, religions and histories. I have already created hundreds of individual characters with about sixty being fully developed.
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  5. I'm in for this! :D i like the idea of progressing from small scale to big is what I like the most. Just not confident in scifi though. But if it's fantasy i'm surely in :D i like damien's idea! It's like a parallel universe where basic similarities are given but the rules or laws are different from the real thing ^^ different races is cool, just have to make it unique . Not the common elf, dwarf, vampire or werewolf. I like new ones :D i think that would be awesome! :D I'm looking forward to this :)
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  6. I like both ideas! Maybe some of our characters are working for a government and the others are trying to overthrow that governement or just for the fun it, create chaos? It sounds like its going to be fantasy. Something like a mix between Mission Impossible and Star Wars.
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  7. Yeah, some of my own races are completely unique but as of now are not completely developed. I tend to stray from the traditional fantasy races such as dwarves and elves, and there are no vampires or werewolves either. I do have orcs but they are quite different from the LotR type, more similar to the Skyrim interpretation.

    I'm not much of a fan of either Mission Impossible or Star Wars so I won't understand the comparison, however, I agree that fantasy is the prefered genre for me. I also could see the idea of two factions against one another; the government vs the rebellion, although this would require more roleplayers considering that they probably wouldn't be in battle constantly.

    I would definitely be willing to brainstorm an in-depth universe with a working system as well, I usually find the creating part more entertaining than the actually roleplays.
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  8. Does anyone want to start a similar roleplay to this one seeing as the creator of this one hasn't joined the conversation? @Damien Nyr @Tsolmi @SteelMoon
  9. Oh hell yes! If we can get some others let me know and I am in!
  10. I'd be interested in this.
  11. Yeah sure, I'm in
  12. Continue the conversation here and when we're ready to implement the idea create a new thread in the proper section.
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  13. Sounds good. If you come up with anything post and we'll see how to fit in.
  14. Well first we could assemble an idea of what everyone here wants from the rp
  15. For me it's pretty much what we were discussing whether we follow OP's setting or not is all good with me. I just really liked the idea we were going on with, the whole 'one in the group goes bad' sort of thing. But I'm up for discussion either way
  16. What drew me to this was the discussion you were having. The idea that the group grew together and the possibility of someone being a bit more than off center that made him/her commit some questionable acts.

    I for one, do not like the idea of having player characters on two separate factions in a competitive way. However, if we had players writing for roles on both sides with a general idea of what we wanted to accomplish in the story, that would be a different matter.
  17. Okay, the concept of one of them becoming a gradual antagonist is also interesting to me, but only if like Seeking Calliope said, there weren't competitive factions caused by this. I mean as in I'd like the antagonist to be one of the group and to share the same basic goals but to be a little bit more extreme and eventually be recognised as the true enemy of the others. To some extent.
  18. So an underlying enemy that maybe pulls a few string here and there, maybe starting with things that could be seen as jokes or something to be done as an amusement but it festers and grows? Is that what you're talking about @Damien Nyr ? Because that could be really cool!
  19. Well, I was thinking more along the lines of an antagonist who has more extreme views, as in he is more emotionally involved and immoral. So he always has these traits, they don't magically appear halfway through the roleplay, they are just far less subtle at first. He isn't a villian, per se, but the others definitely realise that these actions force them to turn against him.

    So let's say that the roleplay is set in a modern time, slightly in the future. There is a rebellion against the government or something, and four or five join sides to overthrow the corrupt government. Well, we could have the first four wanting to liberate the people perhaps while the fifth, although he is on their side, wants to control the people himself rather than liberate them, or maybe he does want to liberate them but he takes his rebellion to another level. So he's more likely to kill in cold blood, have people killed (both good and bad), as long as it benefits his final goal in the long run.

    Of course that's just one way of seeing it.

    An easier way to see it is, imagine you have five people who want the same goal, but one of them is similar to Hitler in morality. They just don't realise it yet. Like how the US and European leaders didn't realise Hitler's true qualities. Or better yet, Stalin.
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