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  1. Hey there! I'm Jo, and this is my (only somewhat, mind you) desperate search for roleplay partners. I've been role-playing on&off for about five years, and it all started on that wonderful, wonderful website, Quizilla, may it rest in peace.

    I was out of the game for a little while so I might be a little rusty, but I've recently been struck with the roleplaying bug.

    I guess we ought to go ahead and get all the boring stuff out of the way. I try not to be too harsh--promise!


    My only real rule is moderation. I'm absolutely fine with violence/gore, language, drug use, etc; as long as it's not so over the top that it becomes ridiculous.

    If I have an issue with anything, it would probably be sexual content. I don't like for my rps to focus on sex (save for select occasions), and if it does happen, it has to make sense within the plot and not drag out, like...forever. I'm perfectly okay with suggestive and more "intense" things, but the full-on act itself is kind of a different story.

    I'm very flexible with these things, and if there's anything you'd like to let me know as far as your own limits go, please tell me! I'd hate for you to be uncomfortable.


    I use paragraph format exclusively, and my replies tend to be a couple good-sized paragraphs long. I'm not a fan of one-liners, and I'm not able to focus or write enough for novel-length replies, so all I ask is for a happy medium. I would like for us to be able to match reply length.

    The amount of time it takes me to respond varies. I try to reply at least a couple times a week, and I'll do my best to let you know if something will hold me up longer than that. If you don't hear from me, though, just send me a quick reminder and I'll assure you as to what's going on, and I hope for you to do the same.

    Roleplay Specific Preferences

    Unless otherwise specified for a certain fandom, I would like for us to double, meaning that we each play our own OCs, and also each other's canon love interests. Also, I'd really like for our OCs to interact/be friends as well, as I find that makes things much more fun as well.

    I would like to talk OOC with whoever I'm roleplaying with! If we're going to be corresponding as much as we are, it'll make things a whole lot smoother and less awkward for us if we feel free talking. Plus making new friends is pretty great.

    After that, there's really just the given stuff. Please don't: Play my characters for me, use god-mod/Mary-Sue characters, or be rude to me.

    So I know you've read my rules, please include the word "shades" somewhere in your PM or reply to me.


    Alright, now that the tedious parts are done and over with, we can get to the fun stuff. I'm sorry that the list isn't very long; I'm hoping to get into more fandom stuff soon.


    Fandom [Preferred Love Interest(s), in order of preference] - Other Notes

    ****Done deal. If you ask about this, I will definitely accept, and I will love you forever.
    ***Sounds fun, and I will most likely accept.
    **I'm interested only if we can come up with a really good plot.
    *Convince me.


    ****One Punch Man [Saitama, Genos] - This is my greatest craving, hands down. I've seen all of the anime so far, and I recently started on the manga.

    ***Attack on Titan [Levi, Eren, Jean] - I've seen all of the anime for this one as well, but have not yet started on the manga.

    ***Breaking Bad [Depends] - I've just started season 5, and will probably be finished with it soon.

    **Pokemon [Varies; original plots are fine too] - I grew up with the games, so I'm very familiar with them, and I'm fairly familiar with the show's characters, though I'd like the plot to diverge from it.

    **Youtube [Joji Miller, iDubbbz]

    *The Walking Dead - More like a zombie apocalypse plot in general. Rp can take place in the world of TWD, but I'd greatly like for the plot to diverge from it.

    If You're Interested...

    If the above fandoms interest you at all, please send a PM, and I'll more than likely be happy to talk plots, OCs, and whatever else you like!​
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  2. eren x levi if possible
  3. Hey! I'm looking mainly for OCxCanon roleplays at the moment, I'm sorry
  4. Still looking!!
  5. I'd love to roleplay One Punch Man if you're still interested~
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