Roleplay Cravings: Final Fantasy XIII series or RW

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    Hello everyone. It's nice to meet you all. I am interested in a roleplay and plus it is almost spring break for most of you. I do have some rules, limits, roleplay cravings, and Roleplay list. However, I do apologize for the inconvenience that I do not do original roleplays at all. I am sorry.

    Rules and Regulations

    Patience and Commitment
    I do understand that we all have a life outside the Internet. However, If you're one of those people that like to ditch others, then please do not roleplay with me at all. I have too many people do that to me. So please don't ask me to roleplay and then ditch me in the middle of it. If you do not want to roleplay with me anymore, please tell me. I am a bit fed up with ditchers though. I honestly would rather you tell me if you don't want to roleplay with me. I do understand that messages and emails glitch all the time and that's why I would suggest this. If you didn't get my email, either resend yours or ask me to resend mine. I don't mind at all either way. I do take at least a day or a few days to reply to the roleplay, depending on how busy I am. I would have to ask you to please be patient with me, so please don't spam me. If you haven't heard from me in a week, please send me a message then. I will do the same as well as I do get worried too.

    I do not have very many limits. However, I will not do incest, beastiality, necrophilllia, pedophilia, or any disgusting fetishes. I will not do yaoi because I am not very good at it. Everything else I am fine with. However, Lemons are not for people under the age of eighteen. I do need to know how old you are because if you are underage, we cannot do lemons. I'm sorry. Mature roleplays are fine but only if you are at least eighteen. Also, I do apologize for anyone that enjoys a dark roleplay but I will not do suicide or self-harm. That is one of my triggers and will not do that for personal reasons.

    I am strictly a literate Roleplayer, so basically I would prefer if you wrote at least 100 words or more on each side. I can only go up to two paragraphs though, so I would rather not do novella because I do take a bit longer to reply and I will end up getting constant writer's block. So I don't want to do novella. However, I will try to match your length. I can write more depending on how inspired I am. I'm not sure how much though.

    Grammar and Spelling
    I do not care about spelling as long as I can understand it. Please no text talk at all. It is confusing and I don't like using text talk at all. I can never understand most of it at all. So please don't do it. I am not a grammar nazi though, however I do need to understand what you're writing though. If I don't understand something, I'll let you know.

    Sharing the Spotlight
    Please don't make this roleplay about you. I exist as well. It is supposed to be about us. I would expect you to share the spotlight through out the roleplay.

    I am going to say this once. Please be respectful when talking to me. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. When asking me to roleplay, please introduce yourself. Don't just message me saying "Wanna rp?" Or "Rp?" Because to me, that's just rude. I will not reply to anyone that's going to be rude and disrespectful.

    OC's and Love interests
    You play as your OC and my love interest and I will play as my OC and your love interest. I also will have to ask that you please do not control my OC. To me that is disrespectful. You could say that '___ had been given a bad feeling" but that's all I can handle. Otherwise, do not control my OC. Also, for love interests, if we have the same one, can we please not argue over it. I am pretty flexible on love interests, and just to warn you, some of my love interests are female as well, in case anyone is okay with yuri. If I only have one love interest listed, then that one I will take and will not change my crush if only one is listed.

    I can roleplay on here or through email. I am not comfortable putting my email on the thread so you will have to message me in order for me to give you my email.

    Have fun.
    Roleplay Cravings

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


    Roleplay List
    Video games

    Final Fantasy XIII <3 <3 <3
    Love Interest: Snow Villiers

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Love Interest: Caius Ballad or Snow Villliers

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Love Interest: Caius Balllad or Snow Villiers


    RWBY <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Love Interest: Lie Ren, Mercury Black, Adam Taurus, Blake Belladona, or Pyhrra Nikos


    For a General Roleplay: "You guys do not notice that we are gifted by being humans."
    For a Mature Roleplay: "And it's the right time, don't be afraid."
    For a Dark Roleplay: "Raise your hands if you feel like I do."

    I believe that is it for my request. I will ask you to do this for me when you message me.

    Subject Line: "Regarding your Roleplay request."
    1. Password
    2. What you want to roleplay
    3. Your Crush
    4. Which of my crushes you are more comfortable playing as
    5. Limits
    6. Your age
    7. Do you roleplay here or email?
    8. Do you want singles or love triangles?
    Thank you!​
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  2. Still looking, but craving more towards Final Fantasy XIII-2.
  3. Still looking!
  4. Still looking and always open for roleplays.
  5. I am always looking!
  6. It's a shame you don't do originals and the only final fantasy I'm well versed in is 7 T__T I just started playing 13 and 13-2 as well lol ugh
  7. That's quite alright. I'm sure we can try to work something out. How far are you in one of those games? And you can go ahead and PM me if you want to.
  8. Still looking.
  9. Still looking and always open.
  10. Still looking!
  11. Still looking. Feel free to message me if interested.
  12. Still looking.
  13. Still looking. Feel free to bother me with anything Final Fantasy-related.
  14. Still searching!
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