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Roleplay Content Rating Guide

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Iwaku, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Content Ratings let you know what kind of content a Game Master allows in their roleplay. Just like with movies or video games, your rating suggests whether or not a roleplay is "safe for everyone to read", "contains gore and violence", or "naughty material".

    Everyone has different opinions on what content should be rated as, so here is Iwaku's Official Guideline! We've tried to keep these ratings simple and easy for people to understand, whether they are new or old to roleplaying. We encourage all Game Masters to make sure they have their rating somewhere in their OOC so new players can easily browse.

    G - General Audience
    This means there is mild to no violence. No gore. Little fighting. No sex or sexual content.

    PG/PG13 - Possible Violence
    There will be some fighting, violence, and romantic naughtiness BUT no detailed gore, bloody stuff, or sexual content. Scenes are implied, not described in too much detail.

    R - Risky Business
    Descriptive Violence, Gore and Naughty Sexual Content!

    M - Mature
    Full intentions on being violently disturbing, gorey, horrific, smutty, sexual, etc. in complete detail.