Roleplay Awards?

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  1. Yes, I'm really rather taken with the idea.

  2. No, I'm not sure it's altogether necessary.

  3. Why have you gone jihad with caplocks in the poll question, Uncle Menorain?

  4. Like Obama, my opinion is constantly evolving. LEAVE IT TO THE STATES. whuh?

  5. I just really like voting in polls. I don't even go here.

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  1. Iwaku Roleplay Awards, HUH?


    I was talking about this with a moderator earlier today and she said that we didn't have anything like this on the forums (bar le 'best rp of the month' and 'best roleplayer of the month'). So, anyway, this isn't an original idea by any stretch of the imagination, but I've done it before on other forums and members have always taken to it like a duck to water. Basically, I'm suggesting we make an annual roleplay awards thread by having members vote for their favourite member/roleplay in a category.

    Pour example:

    Best Roleplay (the nominations could be the 12 winners of rps of the month and then members vote on their favourite).
    Best Roelplayer (again, members could vote from the 12 winners throughout the year).
    Best GM
    Best Science Fiction/Fantasy/Modern (etc.) RP
    Best Completed Roleplay (chosen from rps that actually reached a conclusion).
    Most Improved Roleplayer
    Most Promising Roleplayer
    Mentor/Teacher Award
    Best Cast in a Roleplay (which roleplay had the best characters)
    Best Villain (would it only be PC, or would NPCs count?)
    Best Short Story Writer (from museum section, right?).
    Best Poet (again, the poetry threads in the showcases).
    Special Achievement Award (clue's in the name).


    So what do you think? Would you like to honour the hardwork of members on an annual basis? Maybe you think the 'rp of the month' etc. is sufficient? Perhaps you have further ideas and thoughts? Well, c'mon you eager beavers. Why do I have visions of someone linking me to a thread where this is already happening?

    Thaaaaanks x

    lol Meryl
  2. We have tried this before. It has not gone so well here. People seem to be pretty lazy about nominations. I would LOVE to see this work however, maybe this is the year to make it happen, especially if this is a member run project and not a staff project.
  3. We have indeed tried this before. D: And it's wonderful in theory. But in the end, one or two people end up doing all the work, for very little benefit.

    A) Not enough people EVER nominate. And when they do nominate, they never nominate for all of the categories, so we don't get a fair or accurate pool to vote from.

    B) Not enough people ever VOTE. Because a lot of people only vote for people they know or roleplays they were actually in, they either only vote in categories they know, or they don't bother voting at all. So you get a terrible vote count. People are indeed lazy and do not want to research or read roleplays to make a fair vote.

    and finally, one year instead of doing a vote we did an "Honoring ALL roleplayers!" thing, which was really -awesome-! It was a short blurb of every single active roleplayer's best achievements and neat roleplays. Unfortunately, the active member base is HUGE now, and even breaking it up in to groups would require a team of people. We are short on staff right now and they have too many projects. ;_; So we would need a dedicated and responsible member to run the entire thing with other volunteer members. That would be very neat.
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  4. Lazy members, huh? I get you. Aw, I blame chat boxes haha I guess it's pretty hard to organise something like that anyway. One could try mass private messages, but peeps usually find that pretty annoying; I know I do. I'll just have to hang up my ball gown for another year (fashion police unanimously breathe a sigh of a relief). The 'BRING HONOUR TO YOUR MEMBER BASE' seems like a really nice thing for members to experience. It would take a lot of work and as you said, Diana, but I'd be willing to volunteer if other people were.

    *mental cogs rolling ...slowly*

    Ok. So there's like 6 roleplaying sections and then to fully explore each section you'd need about... Yeah, you're right, waaaaay too many members.

    Ah well, maybe someone else will come up with something interesting?
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  5. I have an interesting idea for this. Do you know how Playstation gives out "Trophies" that are much like achievements, but each game has the choice of not actually having a Trophy system. Perhaps DMs and GMs could choose to have an Achievement Sytem to the same caliber. To take this even further, the GM could decide that these achievements give an advantage to the player that earned the achievement, like each achievement gives a perk to the player like a new item or skill, the way they got the item or skill can be explained through a post by the GM. For example, I could make a D&D styled Zombie Apocalypse Role Play (It's already started by the way :P) and make a list of attainable achievements, included on this list would be "Head Hunting" which you get by shooting 50 zombies and killing them with head shots. Getting this achievement also unlocks the Super Scope that you can fit to any gun that makes head shots easier to get (A little over powered, but it was just an example).

    This would allow an exciting factor to Role Plays that would implement this system, and while it would be a little more work, your players would strive to become better through these achievements and would feel a sense that they have gained something through the Role Plays they've contributed in. It dosn't have to be posted on the site anywhere that says what achievements they have, but it's a way to add it into the site without making it a hefty task for just a few people to deal with.

    Ideas? Questions, comments, concerns?
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  6. To the last post ^ :P
    Comment- This seems like a really good idea, actually.
  7. A good idea for an industrious person who has the time and energy to do it in their own roleplay! It would be neat to see, anyway. 8D

    But as a wide spread thing, not so realistic. D: People barely have enough time to post in their roleplays, game mastering requires even more effort, and then trying ti give out awards too? One person with time and dedication to their rp could do it, but the for the majority of members, they just wouldn't have the time and energy to deal with it.
  8. Then perhaps they could assign the task to one of their members? Remember no one actually has to use this system, it's a purely optional choice. However, sometimes taking some of the GM load and handing it out to your players will give you, as the GM, more time, flexibility, and a more stress free environment while playing! Handing out these GM powers also makes your players feel involved in the decision making of your role play, which makes them that much more immersed in the fun of it all! Also, if this member drops out of the RP, the GM can just as easily pick up that task and hand it out to another member as long as that member is okay with it. Finally, these achievements don't have to be tracked as hard as "50 head shots" either, it can be little things like, "Find out what happened to start this zombie plague!" it would be a one post thing where the GM realizes that the player has actually figured out what has happened, and then they get that achievement, you don't need a whole list of numbers anywhere of how many headshots your players have. Achievements could be less in-depth as well, like, "make your first post", "Get your first weapon", "Uncover the first mystery", etc. but just remember, the overall reason I suggested this method was because it is entirely optional, don't use it if you know yo couldn't manage it!
  9. Personally, I feel a system like that would break immersion, would make it more like playing a videogame and less like actually getting into the writing. It might also push people to do these certain things instead of bonding, creating their own additions to the plot, and being in character in the case that an achievement might go against the character's nature. While it might be great for a lot of people, I think it is not for me or my games.
  10. I vote for it to work!