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    What character personalities do you feel you play the best in roleplays?
    Which personalities do you think you either do not do, or don't do well?
    Have you tried to improve the ones you don't do well OR why haven't you played those personality types?
  2. I feel I play the stand off guy the loner who's mission driven by past events. I don't really do comedy or helpless I don't do them caus what I Roleplay I have to connect with.
  3. I usually play the assassian with a scythe looking for love in every nook and around every corner. I don't usually do comedy or horror because I easily scare and I can't connect with my character in comedies.
  4. I try to be an all around player. A RP usually doesn't interest me unless it's a challenge for me to get into character. The more research I have to do (more like "get to do" because I love research), the better.

    An excellent example is the development of a character called Yuuto for a roleplay with my partner. I already had/have the knowledge for his basic background (virology and epidemiology) due to previous research, but what makes this character difficult for me is that he's human. I'm used to furry characters. Humans and furries, though they share the bond of humanity, have contrasting personalities in my mind. A human is... just a human. Boring and run of the mill. A furry, an anthropomorphic being, however has all kinds of potential because they combine both animal and human personality traits. There are other factors that come into play that make this character a challenge for me as well, but because of these challenges this character is proving to be an addiction and a joy to create.

    I struggle with stereotypes. I don't strive for uniqueness, but stereotypes bug the crap out of me. There's always a connection point to the character and my own personality somewhere, but it's incredibly often that I'll revise a character several times over before I feel like I'm avoiding a cookie-cutter character. (Like Yuuto is on revision 3 or 4...)
  5. I am well known for the Pure Damsel in Distress and Girl Next Door type characters! The nice normal lady who gets involved in way over her head. 8D They are my favorite types to play, and yes.. yes I do them best. >:] Most people tend to play the Anti-Damsels, Feisty Warrior Women, etc... so I really enjoy adding in the balance of playing that weak and ultimately useless feminine character that other characters need to worry about.

    What I STRUGGLE with? Ultimate Evil Bad Guys. Not like your run of the mill assholes, or super villains, but the really really really really really crazy evil ones. c___c It's just difficult to get in to that frame of mind.
  6. I personally try to be as open as I can to all character types. That being said, I haven't had the time to play most of them in-depth enough. I've recently had a string of gay characters, three, I think, but the rest that came before them were straight. I've been playing a lot into the adorable dork "personality" recently. I'm playing the distraught lover, the outrageous flirt, and the traumatised slave... amongst the characters I have developed a lot right now.

    So, yeah, I try to diversify. I think it's important to diversify and let yourself think in terms of many character types because if you foray from RP to novel-writing and you have a large cast, it's important to keep them in-character.
  7. well in regular rp i feel as i do a good witty and playful wolfe, and in mature is the master side. i don't play as others really, i have done a few daddy daughter. never tried slave. and i think i make a really good female rofl rofl rofl

    if anyone is intressed in any, i am trying to get my pm up but just visitor msg me
  8. While I'm not sure this really counts, almost all my characters end up as healers (or something similar but more appropriate to the setting, since that doesn't apply everywhere), so you can probably guess the underlying personality at work there. I used to play the damsel a lot, but most of the roleplays I look into joining on Iwaku... well, either someone's already got it covered or there's no need for one. I do miss it, but hey, my own fault for being a picky B about what I'll play in, right? x3

    Otherwise I usually end up with either a shy chick or a bouncy/hyper chick with no sense of personal boundaries. Depends. If the RP is loaded down with loners and quiet types then the bounce comes out, if there's a testosterone competition going on then the shy girl is usually gonna turn up.

    I don't play any sort of evil at all well. I've tried over and over and every one of the characters ended up either being abandoned, killed off or reforming very early in the stories. I think the only time I've ever managed more than about 10 posts as a baddie was with the help of another friend who was way better at it - he always wrote the insane, power-hungry tyrant and boy was he good at it! But even then he was making a lot of changes to stop my writing looking so schizophrenic. I kinda wish I could play a good evil chick, but it's just so far from my own personality I can't do it.
  9. Egotistical, witty, intelligent smart asses. Why? Because that's me in a nut shell. Just add a dash of charming for flavor. >.>

    I also play the more logical frigid type. Who doesn't work well with most and is often misundderstood due to the facade they generate. As far as villians I have one word...mad and genius.
  10. I feel I do the exploitative, innocent, sweet, protective, attached, and silly well.

    Anything not on that list I either do not do or don't do well.

    The reason i've not played them, nor tried to improve, is honestly i eel like it ruins the roleplay i'm in. I feel like my partner is wanting ot shoot their eyes out on more than one post. A good exmaple of this is the 'evil' personalities where they are meant to be the antogonist of a story in nayway. I instinctively mess it up.

    I also have a hard time finding a story I 'like' that fits in some of the more colorful roles, like the child that struggles with any form of depression.
  11. I like to think I can play many personality types pretty well. I try to sample every kind so that I can get better at each one. Being the same kind of person for every roleplay is just... So boring. Plus, I enjoy being challenged.

    Ultimately, my best might be 2 different ones. I'm good at playing badass shameless evil jerkwads because they are my favorite. However, I'm also good at playing sensitive nerdy pothead losers because that's what I am in real life. x3 It doesn't matter if it's male or female for these two character types, but I am way better at playing dudes than chicks. As well, I just like to play flawed people. Nothing is more flawed to me than a misunderstood geek, or a villain. Heh. Not saying ALL of us are 'flawed' when I mention geeks, by the way. >>; It's just that... In the eyes of those who are 'normal', you know... *trails off and kicks a rock*


    The sorts I need more practice on are like... Vulnerable girly girls with bubbly attitudes. I thoroughly enjoy playing fashionistas and the like because they're so different from, well, me. I don't always do a good job, though. It's only this kind I have a hard time with, because I can play feminine males with the same interests just fine. x__X I think it's because I don't get many opportunities to try out girly girls... People are always wanting men from me, or women who can throw a punch and break a nail if they need to.
  12. I think I can play most roles decently, if not too well, however, I always seem to have a problem with children, comedic characters and the romantic aspect of roleplays. I simply cannot get into the mindset of children and I think that my sense of humour is not good enough to pull off comedic characters and I do not have nearly enough writing experience with relationships between characters. However, as always, I am attempting to expand my options, especially the romantic ones, seeing as I plan to deal with that topic in the future.

    As for any character archetype I do not play, I usually tend to stick with playing mature, non-teenager characters, especially because I always feel like I am playing teenagers as if they were adults. I have attempted to remedy this on occasion, but as it is more of a personal preference, I do not know what I can do about it.