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  1. Well, I'm pretty new here So I haven't gotten into any RolePlays. (Probably cause I cant find one I like enough) ANYWHO!

    I was just wondering if anyone wanted to do a OnexOne RP with me or we can RP through PM'S. I don't really fancy big groups of people, It gets slightly confusing xD

    I'll RP with both gender's equally!

    Here's a small list of Genre's/things I'm into!

    Romance (only mild Romance xP)
    Wolf Roleplays.
    Anthro/furry Roleplays.
    Shape shifters.
    Medieval based RolePlays.
    AND anything anime Related xD (I'm an Otaku!)
    View my Profile for anymore info you need!

    So, If anyone want's to RP with me just PM me or comment here! :)
  2. Hi there! I'm interested in role playing with you. I know it wasn't on the list, but would a magic/ steampunk thing be cool with you?
  3. Sure, I'll try anything once ^.^ PM and we can make up a small plot
  4. way interested. Anthro?
  5. Sure =^.^= Pm me and we can work a plot out.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.