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    Use this Template:

    [noparse]Roleplay: Name with link
    Game Masters: GMs to contact for info
    Basic Plot: A really quick description of what the roleplay is about.
    Types of Characters Needed: What sort of races people can be, or if there are specific positions you need to fill~
    Required Posting Activity: How often do you need to post?
    Anything Else that's Important?: If applicable :)

    Time to help you find some roleplayers ! ;]

  2. Names Lurcolm, pleasure to meet ya! I'm a white South Africa and I promise you I'm white and that's not so weird here as you think. My roleplay preference varies as much as my current taste in everything, but I'd never say no to steampunk and fantasy. My favourite food is sushi, chocolate and biltong. A fun fact about myself is that I am both male and everyone guesses that XD. Oh, and I'm a perv
  3. Roleplay: Philadelphia Riots
    Game Masters: Mosaic
    Basic Plot: Well everyone says the government is practically run by the corporations right? Well in here the government IS run by the corporations and each corporation runs its own city as it sees fit, and in Philadelphia the city has turned into a ghetto, with the Upper class and the big city life in the center guarded by a large concrete wall, and the middle and lower class kept on the outside with highway bridges going over their skyline so the rich don't have to travel thought the slums.
    This RP is a matter of characters deciding on whether they are content with their life and don't think they can do better, or if starting a revolution can give them a better chance, and finding a means and a leader to start a revolution.
    Types of Characters Needed: Human. Uhm, this can vary depending on creativity. You can play prostitutes, crooked law enforcers who sell weapons and ammo at slightly better prices, perfect model law enforcers, drug dealers, smugglers of various sorts, ect ect. Of course these are only examples.
    Required Posting Activity: However often you are available to do so, but once a day would be nice.
    Anything Else that's Important?:
  4. Roleplay: The Metal Legion
    Game Masters: GMK, and myself.
    Basic Plot: You are a Chaos Marine. The Hated Imperium barely saved itself those many centuries ago, when the glorious Warmaster Horus struck down the False Emperor, but the hated Loyalist forces intervened in time, thwarting Chaos. You were banished to the Eye of Terror, from which you strike back at them. But it is not working. Chaos cannot prevail as long as it is divided. You know this, but you cannot do anything about it. Until you are approached by Deio.

    A Chaos Space Marine, formerly of the Emperor's Children Legion, has formed a group at the behest of Ozzure, a greater Daemon of Tzeentch. They intend to found the first new Legion since the Heresy. This Legion will utilize a entire arsenal of new weapons, a form of modified sonic weaponry, broadcasting demoniacally enhanced music. It simultaneously empowers the Marines and saps their enemy's will. It will incorporate each of the Chaos god's into the chapter. Together, we will show them all, for such is the power of Chaos Undivided!

    Types of Characters Needed: WARHAMMAR, WAAAAAGGHHHHH. Fanatics welcome, as are nubs.

    Required Posting Activity: Eh, once a week should be sufficient.

    Anything Else that's Important?: Bring the Genital Battering Rams. And you will want to enjoy metal or Warhammer 40k, as each post is encouraged to have a background ambiance, and will contain much badass. I'm using Rogue Trader for nautical combat, and that is all that will be dice related, but it won't have much to do with the players unless the enemy performs a boarding action. Dark Heresy and Warhammer 40k Fifth Edition Core Rulebook will contribute in ideas. Any advice is welcome.
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  5. Roleplay: Marvel Uprising
    Game Masters: Fel
    Basic Plot: While the big leaguers are away, the kids will play. After the Skrull Invasion, all true heroes are in hiding. Except us.
    Types of Characters Needed: Human, Mutant, Kree, paranormal, any race that isn't Skrull. Cannot be an elf or a dwarf or anything like that.
    Required Posting Activity: Enough to keep it alive. Has to be hijackable in the event of IRL CRISIS.
    Anything Else that's Important?: Not Applicable.
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  6. Roleplay: Elfen Lied
    Game Masters: Miru
    Basic Plot: The world's past mistakes are being repeated as a new batch of Diclonius have escaped their bonds. Chaos shall ensue.
    Types of Characters Needed: Human or Diclonius
    Required Posting Activity: At least once a week, more if you can.
    Anything Else that's Important?: At the moment, I have no Co-GM. If anyone would like to fill that spot, please PM me. ^_^
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  7. Roleplay: The Mystery of the White Tiger
    Game Masters: OminousFlare
    Basic Plot: A bunch of kids playing detective actually gets involved in a real major crime. What a surprise.
    Types of Characters Needed: I have one more assistant investigator role and three more villain/criminal roles for members to play. The latter are minor roles and will not come till around mid to late game.
    Required Posting Activity: Once a week is the maximum period you are allowed to keep me waiting. o_O"
    Anything Else that's Important?: Er... nope. Unless you also want to play the tiger...
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  8. b]Roleplay:[/b] Call of Cthulhu - Colours of the Blitz
    Game Masters: Vay
    Basic Plot: You are called to investigate why a radar fails to report german bombers yet report no problems. Your contact suspects German spies but the truth is far, far, worse and your very sanity is at risk.
    Types of Characters Needed: Human from 1940 U.S.A. that for various reasons find themselves in Southern England.
    Required Posting Activity: Once a week should be fine.
    Anything Else that's Important?: Uses the Call of Cthulhu 5.6 rule system.