Roleplay Academy: Back to School!

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    Hey Iwaku. Did you know that we have a Roleplay Academy?


    The Roleplay Academy is a place where new and old members alike can help each other practice their roleplaying and writing skills! Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute or participate. There are several key features to the Academy...

    The Mentoring Program

    he Mentoring Program is a system where members can get one-on-one help from more experienced roleplayers! Anyone can volunteer to be a Mentor. We currently have eighteen active Mentors, but are always looking for more! Just be sure to read the guidelines before filling out the application.

    If you want to get help from a Mentor, all you have to do is post in the request thread!

    And if you want to show your Mentor some love, leave an apple on their desk!

    Writing Exercises and Workshops

    The majority of threads in the Academy are short writing exercises to help you hone those skills! We have a wide selection of exercises to browse through.

    Most of the other threads you'll find will be Workshops! These are lectures on various aspects of writing and roleplaying. We encourage people to respond to these with thoughts, questions, or feedback, so don't be shy!

    We also have a few informational Guides that you might find handy.

    Anyone is free to contribute an Exercise, Guide, or Workshop! Just make sure to read the guidelines before posting your thread.

    If you don't see a subject covered that you really want help on, you can request it.

    Study Hall

    Study Hall is the main chat area for the Academy! This thread can be used for exchanging tips, asking questions, or requesting a "study buddy" (roleplay partner who is a fellow student!)

    And much more!

    Not to mention a listing of links to other resources on and off the forum.

    Those who study hard can even make the Dean's List and get a shiny award for their profile!

    Want to help promote the Academy?

    We have some kickass banners courtesy of Cerulean that you can put in your signature to help us advertise!





    Buckle up and get badass, Iwaku!