Role playing thread that became a book

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  1. To anyone's knowledge, has this happened?
  2. not to my knowledge, but how awesome woudl that be?

    the Marvel Ultimate Roleplaying Universe RP is actually doing rather well and would make a great comic book
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  3. Probably not. It's kind of an awkward read, switching perspectives every post. Obviously some folks don't mind, but I think it'd take a bunch of editing to get a smooth narrative with equal attention given to all characters.

    Plus everyone involved would want credit for and control over their characters and ideas

    This aside from that most Roleplays do not actively progress the plot every scene, if the Roleplay even has a plot (as opposed to a setting or concept)
  4. The Chronicles of Coruu thread I have in the mature section is based off an idea I have for a book, so in the future maybe.
  5. When @Diana gets here she can tell you how an old MoonWings RP got stolen and turned into a book. Never knew what the outcome was but she'd know the "deets"
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  6. Fifty Shades of Gray was just a smutty RP that was turned into a book.


    -This was a joke-
  7. I thought you knew everything that went on in this place...
  8. It's pure laziness, my dear Hope.
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  9. Ah, but I love your honesty <3
  10. I know a lot of people start roleplays of ideas they have for books they plan to write. Or that the roleplays themselves inspire books they go on to try and write. But I have never seen someone show off something they managed to get published with a real publisher. O_O (With self publish sites, yes!)

    And yeah, as Peter suggested, I did have one girl copy paste the logs from an entire roleplay and try to sell it on Lulu as something she wrote. Along with a bunch of fanfic stories she stole. >> We had lulu shut her down.
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  11. Atta baby, Diana! That's ridiculous.
  12. Dang! People who take others stuff like that to try and make money should be forced to watch every episode of Gilmore Girls in super slow mo. If anyone can think of a crueler punishment let me know.

    It would be interesting to see one turned into a comic. I think that would be the easiest way to do it.
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  13. Hm... Lots of collaborative writing projects hold similarities to role plays. Might want to start there.
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  14. The book I'm writing is based off of a roleplay between my fiance and I had several years ago. I haven't gotten it published it yet. Probably should get on that.
  15. Closest I've seen to being turned into a book was an old fanfic duo I knew who wrote exclusively in this style. It was somewhat irritating to keep switching POVs, though, that's the biggest issue. Editing and smoothing that out would be like rewriting the book from a first draft. Hardly impossible, but for all the work that would require, an outright collaboration would lead to less headaches.
  16. I began writing a "The Walking Dead" themed story based off a single characters (My characters) adventures in a certain fan fiction roleplay... Unfortunately the RP ended before I could finish, and I think I'd need more chapters to really turn it into a book...

    But, regardless, I was well on the way to making it happen xD I don't think it's too far fetched an idea, honestly, but the switching of perspectives every two or three paragraphs would throw almost ANY reader for a loop...

    I suggest simply choosing a character with an interesting story, and sticking with it... Developing the world around each event... =]
  17. Sounds like RPs are a good source of inspiration! :) I can understand how the POV switchs would get irritating.