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  1. Hello fellow role-players. I'm Adira, and welcome to my Role-play Request form!


    About Me (open)

    Hello there! I'm Adira! Since you are reading this I'm sure you'd love to know more about me so here you go!
    I'm 16 years old, I live in the United States of Murica'. I live in the eastern time zone for all you who may be wondering. I am a junior in high school, which of course makes it harder for me to get on. Though I check at least once a day and reply one to three times a day depending on my schedule. I'm a female, if you didn't get that vibe from me. I love to read and write and dye my hair. I have 2 pets, a shih tzu puppy named Gracie, and an American Saddlebred horse named Fancy. (yes he's male) I'm a great listener so if you ever need me please feel free to chat me up. I'm very social and don't bite. Pinky Promise! That's about all you need to know about me but if you are oh so curious feel free to play 20 questions with me. I love making new friends <3

    Need to Know

    I have a few "need to know" things that must be known before we can role-play, so without further a do..
    • I have no age limit. I'll role-play with anyone. Just act mature please.
    • I L-O-V-E Romance, Supernatural, Furry, Modern, High-school, etc role-plays
    • I prefer to play female roles, but I will play males if needed.
    • I like MxF or FxF Role-plays
    • I don't do any romance past PG-13 rates.
    • I post 3 or more sentences per post unless I'm going though a major writers block.
    • I like communication so please chat with me if something is wrong.
    • I write in 3rd person.
    And thats about it..



    My Expectations are as followed..

    3 or more sentences are required. (Unless of course you speak to me privately)
    Fast Replies would be lovely.
    • I don't put up with God-modding. At all.
    • Basic English is appreciated

    If something comes up, just let me know!

    Swearing, fighting, character death, and romance are totally fine by me.

    Have Fun!!!

    If you do not post within a week I consider the role-play dead.
    • [​IMG]

      Not my favorites..

      I'm not a big fan of..

      One liners.
      Horror. (They give me nightmares)

      Thats about it

    • My favorite...

      *Updated many times*

      Last Updated: Nov 11th

      Harry Potter

      Tv Shows

    • Anime
      Sailor Moon

    House of night


    My Plots:

    *More Details can be given at request*

    Last Updated: Nov 11th

    High Seas: (Romance, Action)

    A female princess gets sent away from her country as her life is threatened. Her only way to safety is to board a pirate ship and act as a man and part of the crew. Will she succeed. Or will the captain figure it out..

    Down to Earth: (Romance, Real world)

    A female from L.A. moves to the countryside of Alabama and must try to fit in among the country folk that live in her new small town. Can this country boy bring this city girl back down to earth?

    Do I see double? (Double trouble, siblings, romance, drama)

    A pair of twin girls try to fool everyone by switching places. A lot of trouble is stirred up when romance, enemies, and teenage life gets tangled up in there web of lies.

    Now You see me, now you don't (Romance, supernatural)

    A boy with the powers of invisibility must get closer to his crush to protect her from an unknown evil that is out to suck her soul

    Guardian of your Dreams (Romance, supernatural)

    A guardian angel must come down to earth to protect there assigned person from danger. When they mess up and meet there person they fall head over heels in love with them. Can they keep there feels a secret? Can they keep them safe? Will they have a happy ending?

    I can be your hero (romance, super powers)

    When a new girl arrives at Peabody High everyone is intrigued by her. What they don't know is that she has a secret identity. She's a super(hero/villain) When she falls in love with a boy at her school she has no idea that he is her worst enemy. Being bad never felt so good

    I'm always open to new ideas!!

    Thanks for Checking this out and I hope to talk to you soon!

    (For Checking this out please enjoy the following image of a kitten playing)

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  2. I like the "Down to Earth" plot, and the guardian angel one sounds intriguing as well. Would you be interested in roleplaying either one of those?
  3. *bumpity bump*
  4. I don't have any exact ideas or plots, but I'd be interested in doing a pokemon RP with you if you'd be interested in doing one as well, but would you be fine with FxF?
  5. I'm completely interested in Guardian of your Dreams (Romance, supernatural)! It seems fairly interesting and I am willing to play either role. Male or female, angel or human.
  6. @WinterCookie Yes! I'm willing to do a pokemon FxF! Anything in mind?

    @MyInsanity awesome! Feel free to PM and we can talk more about it!
  7. That's the thing :/ I don't have any exact ideas or plots, I'm all out XD. Would you rather I PM you and try to make some plots up?
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