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  1. Okay I've posted a ton of Threads asking for Role Players with a specific plot.


    I'm changing it up this time.

    You can choose the plot and everything else because..

    I'm desperate x'D.

    And I have nothing else to do so ;o

    So.. Yeah..


    The Role Play can be based on Gays, Lesbians, Straights, etc.

    We can be anything, species, special ability people, blah blah blah.

    Whoever joins may choose!. x'D​
  2. I would love to do an mxm with you.
  3. ;o Awesome!

    So what do you want the plot to be? ​
  4. Honestly it's hard to choose…..

    So, why don't you just choose? xD

    I'm literally fine with anything as long as it's not BSDM Master shit. I'm totally uncomfortable with that kind of stuff.

    But, I can be rough if it's needed. x'D​
  5. Ha, same here. I'm not really into that. So would you want to do the vampire x human plot I have up?
  6. Mmmm, yeah sure. That sounds fine. :P​
  7. So it's alright if I play the human then and the submissive male?
  8. Hm.. Yeah that's perfectly fine.~​
  9. Okay, want to me to make the thread?
  10. Yeah sure x'D I'm not goad at making threads. Lol.​