Role play?

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  1. Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone was in the mood to roleplay! I have a few plots in mind and a few pairings too, but if you have a few plots or pairings that you've been wanting to do, I'm up for almost anything! I play male only, but if it's a FxF, I'll play the dominant female. I'm usually always a dominant type, but depending on the plot, I can be submissive.

    I can reply several times a day, unless you're expecting me to write more than 6 paragraphs, then I can reply a few times a day. There's some days that I'm extremely busy, but I'll always be able to put in at least one reply a day, even if I'm busy. I don't expect you to reply the same amount of times as I can because I respect that you can be extremely busy, so no worries about that!

    I would also like to rp through PM only, just because it feels better to me, and we can have two separate conversations, one for the rp, and another for out of character responses.

    As for character sheets and such, I use any type of face claim that my partner will use, so it would be nice if you send your character sheet first! Also, I only ask for the age, name and face claim for your character. If you want, you can also add their height, and other small things about their features and such. I don't like to send bio's for my characters because I would rather let the rp tell you about my character.

    As for plots, I prefer plot over smut, but that doesn't mean that smut will never happen in the rp! If the mood is right, smut can happen! So don't hold back from any ideas that you have!

    That's basically it! Hope I'm not expecting too much!
  2. I am interested~ *smiles* Send me a PM~?
  3. I'd like to rp with you ^.^ pm me. :)
  4. I am 100% interested in this! PM me and we can talk!!
  5. Are you strictly Original-oriented? If not, would you be open to a Harry Potter x Supernatural Crossover plot? (I'm not sure if you're familiar with both Fandoms.) Additionally, are you willing to portray Canon characters? (The main pairing is Harry x Hermione. I take on the role of Hermione.)
  6. are you still looking for a partner?
  7. If your still looking I'd be interested
  8. I would love to to pm me ^_^