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  1. Hello! I will introduce my self! I'm Marie :3
    I am not very picky with my role-plays, I play male and female, though my role-play resume says other wise i have got use to playing both genders. Along with furries, i am doing that as well, only if the other person is play a furry too, i don't do furryXhuman. I am also not picky with how you write, as long as it's not a one liner or script but other than that im fine. I also get very impatient, so please tell me if you are busy or can't message me back in a while.
    Now with smut, i am fine with anything, i like me some smut but i can also do fade into black but of course i like plot or than sex BUT i can also do only sex.

    *Slice of life

    *SAO (Sword art online)
    *Soul eater
    *Black butler

    (I am not very interesting with plots but if you have any tell me! and i will try to role-play it with you, cause im cools with anything!)

    So PM me or Comment on this thread if you would like to role-play~​
  2. Hey I was wondering if your still looking for a RP partner.
  3. If you are still looking, I'd be game.
  4. Soul Eater!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.