Role-play with me please~ (I play both genders!)

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  1. Hiya! :3 I'm Futaba but you lovelies can call me Futa ;3
    I am in the biggest mood to role-play so I need long term partners!
    So if you are also looking for a partner then I might be the one for you!
    I have been role-playing for 6-7 years now but i wouldn't call myself advanced..but any who!​
    What I enjoy is pretty much anything... (Except bestiality...) But I do like furries! But only furry x furry.
    I can play male and female but I enjoy playing male more then female... but when I play male as far as sexual scenes I only go to.. making out, not all the way. Swwy~
    I love HORROR! Gore, blood, guts, stuff like that! ^^ But no rape.. torture maybe but.. nothing like rape..
    I also enjoy fantasy and a hella lot of romance. Cute fluff, cuddly romance with a bunch of kisses~
    Okay now I am done with my blabbing so here are the ONE x ONE's!

    Horror! (And i will put if i play female or male)
    Jeff the killer x OC (Female)
    Killer x Victim (Both)
    Killer x Killer (Female but i could play both)
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped (Female)
    Kidnapper x Child (Father daughter kind of thing) -Not a romance-

    Elf x Human/Viking -Rivals!- (Female)
    Princess x Knight (Female)
    DemiGods (Both)
    Demigod x Human (Both)
    Magic school/Fantasy school (Both)
    Creation x Creator (Female) -Father daughter relationship if wanted-

    Slice of life
    Bad boy/girl x Good girl/boy (Both)
    Old friend x Old friend (Both)
    Young teacher x Student (Both)
    Sister x Brother (Both) -Twins or step siblings-
    Okay! So those are my ideas! If you would like to rp! PM me!
  2. Would you do Jeff the Killer x Homicidal Liu for creepypasta? :o
  3. I'll do brother x sister
  4. Are you looking for only +18 role play partners or all ages?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.