Role-play with me! (Long term partner?)

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  1. Hello~ I am Futaba but you can call me Futa! I am new to this site so.. I need some partners!
    I am not new to role-play though~ I have been role-play for almost 6-7 years now!
    If you would like to know me as a role-player well... there isn't that much to know.. I am okay with pretty much ANYTHING.
    Horror, fantasy, slice of life, romance (Not cheesy romance), sad role-plays, furry role-plays (No human x furries doe), Angel and demons, sexual role-plays! I love it all!
    And I am also okay with cursing because... i curse like a mother fucker! But if you don't then tell me and i will work on it ;3
    I also like to do OC role-plays and also fandoms~
    Anyway to the plots now!
    Animes I know~
    SAO (Sword art online)
    Black butler
    Ao Haru Ride
    Anohana *Tear*
    Tokyo ghoullll... (I'm still watching the first season..)
    *Oh and if you have an anime that you'd like to do that is not listed then.. tell me! And i will watch it!*

    I have non yet... But if you'd like to talk about one then... PM..? Me ^^ or comment on this thread ;3 ​
  2. I'm willing to do sao
  3. I have a few plots I'm trying to find partners for if you want to PM me and we can chat!
  4. Still looking for partners!
  5. i'll rp with you if you'd like to pm me and we can go over ideas :)
  6. Still looking for more partners! :3 if anybody is interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.