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  1. Hello
    Hello to anyone this might have brought in! Thank you for taking the time to read this! Just a heads up: I love colors so this request will be very colorful! Hahaha!

    Anyway. . . A little about me.

    My name is Marilyn Fae.

    I am nine - teen years old currently.
    I live in the United States with central time zone.
    I have been role-playing for four-ish years but I have been writing for thirteen years.
    I am a female, in case you didn't notice.
    Due to personal reasons, I am still in high school but I am also in college. I graduate high school in a few weeks and then can devote all of my time to college, my job, and role-plays!

    Now I have run out of things to say about myself so we will move on! Haha.

    What You Can Expect From Me
    • I will reply everyday, at least twice, (if I get replies from you.) But some days I do get busy and it will be only once a day or sometimes none. But I am sure to make it up.
    • I reply
    paragraphs. I don't do one liners and I don't do one paragraphs either. I try to keep my post detailed and lengthy. I usually range anywhere from 3 paragraphs to 9 paragraphs, but I try not to be too long nor too short.
    • I love talking
    OOC and getting to know my partner. It helps me get a sense of what you like and how we can put that into our role-play.
    I'm not shy, so if there's something you do or something you say that I don't like, I usually mention it. And I apologize if you don't like that. I'm not mean about it, I just ask you not to do it again.
    • If I don't like the roleplay anymore, I talk to you and
    hope we can edit things so that we are both enjoying it or see if there's a better one we could do.
    • If I will be
    gone and I know about it, I will give you a heads up. I am involved in a lot of after school activities, though most of them are over with by now, but if I will be gone for more than a couple days I will let you know. I usually don't get to reply when I'm on trips but I make it up when I get back.
    • I
    understand that life gets in the way. For me, I have finals coming up three out of five days of the week. Meaning that I'll be busy a lot, but I will for sure reply anytime I am free. That is why I am posting this now so that I can spend the time I have this week looking for partners and getting to know them and setting up plots and characters until I am free. But the good news is I will be out for like a month after this Friday!

    What I Expect From My Partner
    Everything above. I would never ask of my partner anything that I would not give them back.
    • I would
    prefer if you did not use one liners and try to at least post a paragraph or two so it is both more enjoyable and easier to reply with.
    • Be
    honest with me. If you don't like something I do or something I say, let me know.
    • OOC friendship is not
    required, I just love making new friends and it helps me understand them and the role-play. We don't have to talk daily, but I don't want it to be awkward when I want to ask how you're liking the role-play or if I have a cool idea.
    • Feel free to share your
    ideas and thoughts with me. The role-play is for both of us and I want to make sure you like it too!
    • If you'll be gone and you know about it, please give me a little heads up. Even if it's just at the beginning of the day, send me a
    message. Please.
    • If you don't like the roleplay anymore, just let me know. Don't just leave me
    hanging please.
    • Reply
    frequently. Please. Maybe not everyday if you get busy, but more than once or twice a week.

    A Summer In Italy
    Two best friends met when they were in preparation school. How? Well, funny story. They were fighting over a toy, but somehow, in five minutes, they were best friends. The two always pick fights with each other and disagree with what the other is doing, but they know that they would protect each other no matter the cause. They go through all of school together, fighting and making up, until finally it's their senior year. This year is filled with terror and laughter, pain and love, and betrayal and hope. But they survive and now it's their last summer before they separate for good, which neither of them want. So to escape reality, the two decide to go on an adventure and visit a place that they had been dreaming of going for years, Italy. While in Italy, the two start to feel different each other and have to come face to face with their true feelings for their best friend. What happened while spending the summer in Italy?

    Road Trip
    Basically, this is just like the plot above. The only difference is that the two decide to take a road trip together and see a bunch of different places. Or maybe instead of being out of high school, they go between years in college? We can decide on this one, it's just the basic idea of A Summer in Italy.

    It's the year 2028 and our characters would be around five or six. Character A is at home with her family when all of the power goes out and they only get news from an old radio they had found. An alien ship had crash landed not far from them, and the government needed everyone to stay in their homes to be checked on later. Character A, looking for extra batteries for her flashlight, wonders off into the dark to the family shed. All the while, character B seen his entire family and friends being shot at, but his father tells him to run and to never look back. So he does. That's when he ends up in Character A's shed. When she finds him, she doesn't see him as a threat, but instead they become friends and she feeds him and keeps him hid. Until the government finds him and shoots him in front of her, making her believe he is dead. But he somehow survives.

    Now it's 2040 and twelve years have passed. Character A had been sick and just gotten out of a hospital, ready to start her first day at a real school when she hears on the news that the aliens, or who they call the star people, will have a few attending the same school she is going to. That's when the two reunite. But will they recognize each other?

    Yes, if you have ever seen Stsr-Crossed, this is based off of it. I have changed a few things and I put it up here with the other plots because I don't like role-playing plots that are exactly like a show. So there are things I'd like to change up, but they still have the basic concept.

    A Soldier in Blue
    A young girl, Character A, starts up a pen pal program for soldiers who are stationed for their country. She has a few pen pals herself, including Character B. They get to know each other and become amazing friends throughout the many letters they exchange. When he is finally released for a brief duty, he decides to finally meet the woman who he has fallen for over the letters.

    Basically this will go through their relationship through life while he is in the military and being stationed back and forth. There was also another idea I had for this role-play, and I think I may want to try it out. If you're interested in a soldier romance idea, just let me know and we can find something!

    Until We Meet Again
    When two best friends are forced to separate when Character A moves across country, they are both devistated. But years fly by and now Character A is back, and living right next to Character B.

    There's a few different things we could do with this.
    A. Character A could be pregnant. B. Character A could have had an accident and forgotten everything from her past. C. Everything could go back to normal and it would be a slice of life role-play.

    Hopeless in Seattle
    When Character A was diagnosed with cancer, she and her parents fought for everything they had, but times got hard and cancer got worse. Finally, after battling it for years, she decides that it's time to give up and live her life to the fullest. So, moving to a new city and a new school, she meets character B who instantly finds an attraction towards her. Character A feels it too, but knows that she can't and knows the risk of falling in love while she is so sick. So she becomes friends with him and doesn't tell him that she is sick, but intend let's them grow and grow, making sure they don't get too close. And then one day changes them forever.

    The Man I Use to Know
    Character A and Character B were really close in high school. They dated all throughout it and had a wonderful relationship, until the end. But when the two come in contact again at a high school reunion and find that they're both single and hit it off, will character a find the courage to forgive character B?

    Save Me from You
    Character A moves into a new neighborhood in a new city. Her next door neighbor, Character B, and her become good friends and even find a deep place in their heart for each other. But when something happens and Character A sees Character B change unto a werewolf in front of her eyes, will she still see him as her superhero, or as her villian?

    Note: I think it would be a cool idea and interesting twist if character B didn't like who he was because he was a werewolf. Or it could be a vampire or anything else, really.

    Three Roses
    No one would have thought that the mute boy and the shy girl would become friends, but they do. They become best friends and communicate through text messages, letters, and a little sign language. They're next door neighbors, and find out that both of their lives are pretty crappy, so they begin to depend on each other. And they don't mind. When nights get too rough, they sneak over the balcony and hold each other tight and know that they're safe. When Bullies show their faces, the other is their to defend the other.

    Then one day Character A, the shy girl, gets into a car accident and doesn't wake up. They keep her in the hospital, but days go by. Character B still has not left her side. Then finally he talks again, and three hours later, Character A wakes up and asks for her friend.

    I was thinking there's three different ways we could go about this, unless someone else has more ideas.
    A. Character A remembers everything and they grow closer together. B. Character A doesn't remember anything, but somehow knows that Character B is important to her. C. Character A remembers, but doesn't say anything about him finally talking because he pretends like it never happened.

    Check Yes, Juliet
    If you have ever heard this song, this is what I based it off of. Basically character A hates school dances. She was planning to stay home, but when she gets an offer to take pictures for extra credit, she jumps at the chance. Character B also hates school dances. He only goes because his friends force him to basically. But while at the dance, the two bump into each other, literally, and dump juice all over each other. But they instantly are drawn to each other. Character A plays it off and apologizes, walking off, but Character B doesn't do the same. Instead he makes it his goal for the sweet, innocent girl to give him a chance and live a modern fairy tale with him.

    Until Our Next Life
    I'm going to be quick about this, but basically Character B is immortal, but you don't know that until you see a picture of you and him in his scrap book, along with several others from crazy dates before you were born. Then when you ask, they're not all of you, but of the past you. Everytime you die and get reincarnated, he finds you and makes you fall in love with him all over again.

    I Have a Secret
    Character A and Character B are best friends. They have been since they were little and met in the hallway of their apartments. As they grew older, they were even more inseparable. When apart, they were fine, but together, they were badasses released. No one could stop them from having fun. When they were in high school, characte B comes out of the closest and announces he is gay, but he's really faking it so that his parents would get off of his back. But no one knows that... not even character A. So the two go through high school and then college. Character A has been completely in love with Character B since forever, and so has character B, but he can't say that, and neither can she. But they're still best friends and they act like a couple, but eventually Character A decides it's time to find a real boyfriend, but that's what Character B doesn't like and on accident, reveals that he isn't gay in a long night of beers and kissing.

    If you have ever watched Niomi and Eli's No Kiss List, it's like that except with a twist and he isn't gay! XD I am really wanting this one!

    Okay guys, I'm tired of typing, but let me know if you're interested! I'm open to any ideas anyone else has! :)
  2. I am definitely still looking. School is out so I'll be super free and need more role-plays in my life! Haha. If interested, please let me know. I'm jto too picky and open to nearly anything! ^.^
  3. Do you double or do fxf
  4. Double works
  5. Aweosme. PM me and we can find something!
  6. To be honest. I don't know which plot I want XD there are about five plots that I want to do but I can't decided on one, and I most certainly can't do all of them ^^"
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  7. I pmed you
  8. I feel like I've done the Italy one before...
    So many colors!!!
  9. Hmm... I haven't based it off of anything so I doubt that was where it's from. This is one of my oldest plot ideas; I've had it for a little over a year and done it with many people. I had an old account before I got this one. Possibly we used it once? You don't sound familiar though. I doubt it was with me... but.. hm.. haha.

  10. What was your old account name?
  11. I think it was SkyFall. Or something like that. Haha.
  12. The person I did it with name was Alison at the time we did it. But they dont have an account anymore
    Oh well It didnt really go anywhere anyways. Maybe I could try it with you?
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  13. Of course! Haha. And um.. I don't know any Alison, so it wasn't me! Haha. Yeah I'd love to try it with you. PM me?

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  14. I would love to do Star Crossed with you, if it is still available XD.
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