Role play newb

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  1. Hello! My name is Ryan and I am pretty new at role playing, I'm up to role play with anybody any way at all! You can either reply to me on this website to role play or Kik me. My Kik name is poodle448.

    Im new to role play so cut me some slack! I'm also new to the forums.

  2. Hi Ryan! Welcome to Iwaku!

    You can check out all the currently running games at the Global Signups !

    & there's lots of roleplay guides and things to help you practice or get started in the Roleplay Institute ~
  3. What is Kik? Tell me!
  4. Kik Messenger

    It's an application (usually on smart phones?) that's kind of like a chatting/image-sending/photo sending interface. It's easy to use and it automatically adds everyone from your phone contacts list who has a kik c:
  5. So... basically texting that auto-adds people to your address book?