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  1. I'm Kindra. You can call me whatever you prefer, as long as it's not intended as an insult. I'm new here, but not new to role play. I have been role playing for years. I'm looking for up to 4 separate one-on-one role play partners maximum. A person can only keep up with so much at one time and I'd never forgive myself if I mixed up a character or a plot-line.

    I really prefer to use as original of a plot as possible. I strive for originality and creativity. I would rather not role play a story that's been done thousands of times already. It's boring and I lose interest quickly. Same applies to characters. The cheerleader/football player combination is long overdue.

    I post fairly regularly depending on how interested I am in the role play or how much time I have on my hands during the day. I try to post a minimum of 2 paragraphs per post. I also try to match my partner as much as possible. This means if you give me 4 paragraphs, I'll try to match that. The number doesn't matter, but I feel like equal effort should be given by all involved. If you give me one liner... I cannot guarantee that I will give you a second chance to improve your responses.

    Please have basic grammar and punctuation skills at least. I'm not fond of having to read someone's post like it's a foreign language.

    My interests include...
    • Slice of Life (Sometimes. People tend to make it a classic cliche story which is not a favorite of mine.)
    • Romance (It is definitely NOT a necessity. I couldn't care less whether there is romance involved or not, but the option is on the table.)
    • Horror/Thriller (I'm open to gore, but if you're being gory for the sake of adding more gore, I'll have to pass. There IS a such thing as too much blood and guts. You don't have to milk it for everything it's worth to make it realistic.)
    • Adventures (All for it. Love it. Embrace it. Let's go explore another planet or an unknown island with islanders trying to hunt us down and kill us. I don't care. Just make it fun!)
    • Fantasy (A pretty recurring theme that I'm completely comfortable with.)
    • Sci-Fi (I'm not quite as experienced in this, but am definitely leaving it on the table if someone is willing to try it with me.)
    • Steampunk (Love it. Haven't done a lot of it, but I will certainly do my best to meet your needs.)
    • Many others. Too many to list(:
    I prefer MXF if there is romance involved. Characters of a different sexuality than heterosexual, however, are no problem at all.

    My interest DO NOT include...
    • Hardcore sexual content. (I have limits. I'm not really comfortable just throwing it all out there with a complete stranger, haha. Plus, it can sometimes kill a story.)
    • Fandoms (A strict no-go for me. One word: Originality. I don't want to rewrite someone else's story.)
    In regards to Libertine role plays. I have never done one before. It is probably why I'm so particular about them. Therefore, I do not completely shut down the idea of doing one, but you better be able to bear with me. I am in no way experienced in it.

    The only plot that I've got working in my head (not fully developed) is a circus theme. However, please do not let that limit your options. I am honestly willing to try anything and everything that I haven't done before.

    Language is not a problem with me. Curse as much as you'd like without killing the mood. Personally, it does not bother me. I'm an extremely open-minded person. Sexuality, race, gender, etc. Whatever you want your character to be, I don't care. A person is a person no matter how they're different, including mental illnesses.

    Be open with me! I'm not as horrible as I may appear at this moment after reading this. I'm actually a really fun person to talk to, who laughs at pretty much everything. I enjoy humor just as much, if not more, than the next person. I am perfectly okay with a friendship outside of the role play. Makes for a better connection during the role play and leaves a great possibility for a permanent role play partner.

    (4/4) Spots have been filled.

    Even if spots are filled, there is a possibility that I might take on an extra if I'm really interested in the plot(:
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  2. Here are my ideas
    -Student x Teacher Relationship
    -Doctor x Patient Relationship
    -A guy saves a girl from a abusive relationship
    -Gang rival romance-Juliet style romance, forbidden romance
    -Gang secret romance- Two gang members within the same within the same gang. She’s younger and naive, he’s older and a total badass. He took her in from the streets when she was younger. She fell in love with him over the years, but he’s always travelling for the gang purposes, he’s finally coming home for a bit, will she tell him? What will happen?
    -A solider meets a young women through a letter exchange program. They write letters to and from each other and soon find each other falling for each other. After his tour he comes home to meet her, they will fall in love more, engage and get pregnant. He will go back on tour again, this time, he will lose his memory, from being to close to an explosion. He doesn’t remember his fiancé, his daughter or anything. They give him the letters, so will they help?(we will roleplay the letters and everything and until he loses his memory and we will go from there too)
    -an old high school couple finds each other 7-10 years down the road. Things have changed, they grew up, and stuff happens in their lives. Now that they have come back in contact what will happen?
    - Brother x Sister
    -Father x Daughter
    -Deaf girl x Hearing boy//Deaf boy x Hearing girl//Deaf couple
    - Blind girl x Seeing boy//Blind boy X seeing girl
    -Vampire//Werewolf//Supernatural x Human (I will play human as I don’t play supernatural characters well)
    -Gay/Lesbian couples- I don’t really have any plot ideas.
    -Best friend x Best friend
    -Teenage pregnancy
    -Older x younger
    -Married Man/Women x Co-worker//Younger person
  3. I'll rp with you if you're still looking. I don't have any plots in mind, but I'll be more than happy to brainstorm with you.
  4. I'm looking for some more RPs, I don't have any ideas at the moment but that may change. Would you like to be RP partners?
  5. I have some pretty fun ideas I would like to try out if you are up for them. My strongest genres are fantasy and sci-fi. So if those are to your liking just let me know!
  6. Can I have that fourth spot? I'm chalk full of original ideas. In fact I have a working plot that I would love you to hear so please let me know if that spot is still open :).
  7. Looking for two more at least ^^
  8. Is a place open for me? I have a zombie apocalypse idea if you want to try it, it's different to a lot of others out there.
  9. Sure, sure ^^ pm me your idea
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